WordPress vs Static HTML: How Should You Build Your Site?

WordPress vs Static HTML

In this digital age, it is the mobile devices that account for the majority of traffic for any website. Being a business, you should make sure cater to all section of your online visitors. In addition, curating your website for mobile users is certainly one of the most important part of web development. You should think of offering specially designed and responsive layout of your actual website to the mobile users so they do not find it difficult to navigate through your website.

It is a matter of fact that most of the times the websites are not made to cater to mobile audiences and it really becomes difficult for someone using a mobile or hand held device to surf internet. They would need to zoom in and zoom out a number of times to know more about the website or interact with it. With advancement in technologies, a number of technicalities have come ahead a long way to make websites compatible on small hand held devices. In this article, you will come to about some of the html to WordPress customization approach in which you can cater to your mobile audiences and turn all your potential customers into a successful conversion.

What shortcomings Static HTML websites take along with them?

It is a matter of fact if your website is build on static HTML then it would be very difficult to make it mobile friendly and at the same time you won’t be able to make it loaded perfectly in all screen sizes. All this would make your website look inaccurate and it would be difficult for your customers to interact with your website perfectly. HTML is at all time not a favorable language for an entry-level designer. It can no matter be one of the best tool to design a basic website but when it comes to designing professional websites, having a little knowledge of HTML will not help. One more thing that makes static HTML sites difficult to manage is the fact that the cost spent on maintenance is high. In most of the cases, you would need to a hire a qualified WordPress professional to deal with the job.

How WordPress revolutionized the website designing scenario?

WordPress has been in the market for a considerable duration however, it can still be considered to be one of the new age technologies that has given the power to anyone wishes to make websites for his business. Before the advent of content management platforms, websites used to be made on static HTML, that never appealed the audience, and it had a lot of problem as well. In addition, most importantly, you would need to hire someone who has a considerable knowledge and years of experience as well to design website for you and let your services reach millions of people.

With WordPress, you can go ahead with designing websites just through its user interface and not coding. WordPress also lets you code if you wish with its inbuilt code editor window. You can choose your favorite theme from the zillions of available website templates in the WordPress repository. You can also spend time to create your very own custom WordPress templates as well.

Things don’t end with making it easy for anyone to make websites. With WordPress you have the opportunity to customize as per your likes as well as your business. You can easily upgrade to any other template with just some clicks and also add or delete many new features. An open source software keeps on developing all the time. With timely updates on the software itself and many other security updates, you can make your website much safer and secure evading all the spam hits.

With WordPress website development, you can also take easy backups of your website and restore the same if anything goes wrong. Backing up websites and maintaining a proper uptime is very required in the present scene in order to make it easy for your customers to interact with your website whenever they want. With WordPress, you will be able to maintain a 100% uptime ratio. You should not miss out on periodic updates sent from WordPress and you should also keep in mind that your plugins should be updated all the time in order to stop any issue from popping up.

Hopefully, this article would have been informative and you must have gathered a lot of knowledge about how can you make your website more customer friendly. If you are not prompt with designing websites, you can get in touch with some WordPress web development professionals who have enough experience in converting html to WordPress.


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