‘The Rings of Energy’ Episode 5 Reveals White-Hooded Figures From Trailer — Who Are They?

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 5, “Partings.”]

We’re greater than midway by way of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Energy, and new characters are nonetheless being revealed. Episode 5 of the Prime Video collection ultimately launched the mysterious hooded individuals clad in white robes seen within the trailers. “Partings” doesn’t reveal their id simply but. Fairly, they seem in a single quick scene inspecting a chunk of land. However Tolkien followers have been speculating about their id because the enigmatic group flashed throughout our screens this summer time.

The predominant principle about The Rings of Powers‘ white-hooded figures is that they’re a part of the Cult of Melkor despatched to the realm by Sauron. Melkor is one in all Morgoth’s monikers — the villain vanquished within the battle within the First Age of Center-earth and Sauron’s mentor. The Cult has a big presence within the Second Age.

Reddit customers debated this principle following The Rings of Energy trailer launch this summer time, citing their obvious use of darkish magic as hints they aren’t the hero kind. And for what it’s value, they do look spooky as hell.

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The Cult of Melkor is a Morgoth-worshipping group established by Sauron. When Sauron was in Númenor within the Second Age, he satisfied Ar-Pharazôn and his individuals (sure, Pharazôn could ultimately usurp Queen Regent Míriel) to worship darkness and Melkor, declaring himself the Excessive Priest. He had a tower constructed the place human sacrifice of the “Devoted” was made.

One of many cloaked figures in Episode 5 definitely has a non secular, priestly look about them. They shroud their buzzed head within the white veil, wears a sort of metallic harness that appears ceremonial, and carries a workers. The pinnacle of the workers’s design resembles the Eye of Sauron on the high of the Barad-dur tower, at the very least in form. As for the individuals standing behind them on the ledge, one appears to be a guard and the opposite appears to be carrying some sort of gilded disc, obvious followers of the 2 hooded beings.

Of their temporary scene in “Partings,” the determine with the workers appears to be like down upon their companion, who’s inspecting the Stranger’s crash web site. May Waldreg have been proper in Episode 4 when he stated the falling of the meteor marked Sauron’s return to Center-earth? Galadriel found in Episode 3 that Sauron’s mark was map main his followers to the Southlands, which is near Mordor.

Meteor Man crashed down into the North-East area of Rhovanion, the place the harfoots have been camped out. That area can also be near the Southlands, the place the orcs have been attempting to find Theo’s black sword hilt. Episode 5 noticed the hobbit ancestors migrating to their subsequent dwelling, and this ominous group could possibly be following shut behind them. Whomever these cult-looking creatures are, they appear to be monitoring Meteor Man.

White-hooded figures in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 5

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In the event you consider the Stranger is Sauron, then the potential Cult of Melkor’s presence in Episode 5 could possibly be one other trace supporting that principle. One other second in Episode 5 might additional persuade you.

The Stranger lastly will get to talk within the Episode, albeit his phrases are few. Nori (Markella Kavenagh) has been educating him her language as he helps her household of their migration (the migration montage, by the best way, options Poppy singing a Tolkien track with the well-known line “not all those that wander are misplaced”). However one second close to the top of the episode appears to alter their dynamic.

The Stranger saves Nori, Poppy, and Malva from sure loss of life when they’re attacked by a wolf-like creature in a misty wooden. He sustains an harm on his proper forearm within the tussle, and Nori later sees him performing some sort of highly effective magic in a small pool of water to heal himself.

Ice begins to type, and it begins to crawl up the Stranger’s arm. Nori tries to snap the hypnotized man out of it, grabbing his arm to take action, however her hand practically breaks off when it too will get frozen onto his arm. The magic ends with a blast, sending Nori flying. Her arm remains to be in tact, however she’s now scared of her pal.

Is it simply me, or is there a parallel between the ice the Stranger varieties and Sauron’s stronghold in Forodwaith? Galadriel made observe of the icy kingdom’s evil essence within the premiere’s prologue, and with the sunny Shire to check to, ice positively appears to represent evil on this story’s world.

The Stranger additionally learns the that means of phrases like “kill” and “unhealthy” in his classes with Nori, and he fears he’s unhealthy as a result of he killed the fireflies. This type nature is a stark distinction to his malevolent one when wielding magic. We’re nonetheless but to be taught if his kindness is a entrance (aka he’s Sauron), or if, for some cause, he can’t but management his magic. May he be a wizard in spite of everything?

Episodes 6 and seven are stated to be two of the season’s most vital. The season will finish with Episode 8.

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