The Importance of Celebrating Resilience

The Importance of Celebrating Resilience

Since childhood, we have been reading and hearing that a sound body has a sound mind. However, let’s reverse this phrase. What if a person possesses a sound body but suffers from a ​mental illness​​? Can he succeed in the various aspects of life? The sweet and simple answer is no. On the other hand, a person who may possess a weak body but has a great mental strength can do wonders. Stephen William Hawking, a great scientist in the UK is the best example of someone who despite being paralyzed stood prominent in the world.

Well, you may think in this case it was a physical health issue. Yes, you are right but what if someone suffers from ​​mental illness ​​due to psychological issues. This is one of the most critical issues and it should be addressed in a better way. Such persons can lead unstable lives and be prone to unnatural acts. Moreover, mental illness can also lead them to ​​suicide​​, gun violence, drugs, and pessimism. But they can live a normal life and succeed as others. There’s a lot of examples who have emerged themselves out of such a situation. All they need is a tap on their back by someone.

Here in this article, I am going to write about such a personality who transformed himself from being a pessimist to an international celebrity. How he is helping others to overcome mental health issues and the support he needs from you for the betterment of the community.

Who is Farr Well?

Farr Well aka Farrington Llewellyn is a hip-hop artist with a striking sense of self-awareness. Moreover, he is a living example of constant evolution. He has gone through and experienced the worst circumstances as well as now enjoying the fame of celebrity. He is a social activist fighting for the rights of the black community. Apart from this, he’s also advocating for those who manage mental illness while creating ​awareness ​​through ​​his hip hop music​​. His unique soundscapes are proving life-changing for the one who can listen. Currently, he is working on a conversation series ​​”Hard Pill to Swallow” t​o encourage and help people to normalize their lives. That’s why he has chosen the name ​​Farr Well​​ that actually represents the word ​​Farewell​. He believes that all of us should say farewell to the past and live a life with new passion and energies.

What Farr Well is going to do?

From 2015 to 2020, Farrington Llewellyn lived a very hard life. During the period, he experienced ​​Bipolar Disorder ​​and other ​​mental health ​​issues. However, with determination, he returned back to a successful life, and now he is opening the door for conversations on mental illness ​​and ​​generational trauma​​. His new series ​​Hard Pill to Swallow
​ ​is based on this conversation and launches Jul 17th, 2020. He’s running a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to fund the project. Therefore, all of you are encouraged to contribute and donate for this noble cause. Your little contribution can turn the life of a depressed person into a charming one.

Why should you support and donate?

You may think “why should I donate and support this fundraiser?” Well, humanity is above each and everything. A single penny could help save a life if enough of us donated. If we could reach even just 1 person who’s suffering, it would be a huge success for all of us. ​​Bipolar Disorder​​, the inclination towards suicide, drug misuse, and pessimism are the elements that can destroy a human. However, after going through ​Hard Pill to Swallow
​ ​, I’ve learned that if someone fights hard they can recover and become a happy contributing citizen to society. Therefore, It would be a great service to humanity to empower and spread a message of resilience. Awareness will be delivered by a person who has experienced all these negative things and come out alive.

How will the funds be utilized?

The funds raised will be utilized for the betterment of humanity through hip hop and real conversations. The target are those people who are vulnerable to drugs, gun violations, and death by suicide. Farr Well’s goal is to make a World that is understanding and safer for those struggling with ​​mental illness​​. An initiative to de-stigmatize mental health so that the public is better equipped to support those living with it. Most people are still hesitant to share their issues regarding mental health because of the disgrace and shame associated with it. Therefore, it will be tried best to encourage people to speak about it. So you are all requested to contribute and donate for a great service to humanity.

Support efforts to de-stigmatize mental illness by donating to the ​Hard Pill to Swallow
​ Indiegogo campaign Here.

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