Star Trek: Voyager – Episode 4-11 – Where Nothing Grows on Earth

Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager is back in its seventh season with the second-to-last episode of this current series. Although the actual episodes have not yet aired, it has been promoted to be the penultimate one of the series. But before going into this episode we have a preview of the events that will unfold.

Seven of Nine had suffered two attacks by the Breen while traveling in the Delta Quadrant. In this episode she was shown her encounter with The Doctor in “Future’s End” and he also mentioned that the mission with Captain Janeway was part of her rescue mission from the Breen. The Doctor described to Seven of Nine the effects that were caused when he would repeatedly use the temporal disruptor to alter time. He also described how Breen have an accelerated regeneration cycle and said that they use a very powerful weapon that seems to affect the brain.

The Doctor explained to Seven of Nine, how the temporal disruptor works, but before he could tell her how to use it the Breen showed up and knocked them out. Seven of Nine was then taken to their base. It turns out that The Doctor had helped them escape from the captain’s cell by faking his death.

He was made to believe that he died on a Breen warship in battle. Unfortunately he faked his death, as he had gotten too old for combat and the captain was ordered to fire him. However the captain did manage to get away before being terminated.

In the eponymous episode of the seventh season of “Voyager” Janeway is visiting an archaeological dig site and is looking for some specific information about what happened to the crew. Meanwhile, Tuvok, Neelix and Kim are trying to figure out how to adapt their old Bajoran costume into the new one. The only problem is that they are all in the dress shop waiting for the tailor and neither any of them can remember where they are.

The Breen have been detected at the Pilar Nebula, which is located somewhere in the Beta Quadrant. Their warships are either in transit or on the way to battle the Federation ships on the space station.

The Breen appear to be very effective fighters. But the Breen cannot fight just because they are warriors. They must actually survive, which is why they have evolved a highly effective technology called nanotechnology. It can be easily explained using their ships as examples.

The Breen ships are designed to replicate themselves with all the crewmembers. They are made out of metal and have life support systems. Their weapons include energy beams and projectiles that can pierce any kind of shield or armor. The only protection they have against any form of weaponry is to use shields.

Their warships are made out of a number of these small ships. The Breen use only three ships. A dozen of these ships are transported and they all meet at the battlefield.

The battle is over quickly because their invisible shields go down and they are eliminated. The Breen know that if the ships drop their shields the Enterprise will try to beam them all up and rescue the others that are left behind on the planet.

Janeway tells Seven of Nine that they need to re-establish communications with the fleet so they can warn them about the Breen ships. She also wants to tell The Doctor about his findings at the Pilar Nebula. But before she can do this, she gets a message from Tom Paris informing her that there is an attack underway, too.

The battle ends quickly and Voyager is still under attack by the Breen and their ships. Only Captain Janeway manages to make it back to the ship before the Breen destroy it.

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