Some Tips To Boost The SEO Of Your Website In 2020

Some Tips To Boost The SEO Of Your Website In 2020

If you know something about digital marketing, then most probably, you would have heard about SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Lots of businessmen are always in a look of affordable SEO services for their websites. Most of the time, you can find digital marketing companies at a low price. In India, you can easily get the best SEO services in Delhi because this region is the home of several businesses from all around the world. Moreover, efficient SEO is crucial to get at the top of Google, the most used search engine. Today, I am going to share some ways to boost the SEO of your site.

Top Ways To Boost The SEO Of Your Website

1. Add Quality Internal Links

Many organizations try to ignore adding quality internal links to the website because they think such links aren’t useful. A quality internal link is essential to boost the SEO score. Internal links are analyzed by Google while ranking your site, and if your website lacks a quality one, there is a pretty high chance that your website will go down.

2. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to optimize your website with most searched keywords on a search engine. A keyword is a simple query which is used by people in order to get a response from the search engine. Based on these keywords, search engines filter their results. There are many keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Soovle, Ahrefs, SEMrush etc.

3. Add External Links

Just link internal links; external links also play an important role to boost the SEO of your website. While arranging the search results on a response, Google takes into account the content of your website. If your website content does not contain external links, you can lose your rank in Google. External links make your website more authentic in front of search engines.

4. Optimize Your Content According To Keywords

Nowadays, the number and type of keywords you include in your content matter a lot. It is important to include keywords in your content which you searched earlier. Also, you should not over optimize your content by stuffing more and more keywords. Doing this can make the search engine blacklist your website. If a website gets blacklisted, it takes a long time for recovery.

5. Increase the Load Time of Your Website

People always want to visit a website that loads quickly and consumes fewer resources. Your SEO ranking could see a drastic drop if your site takes more than a minute to open. An ideal website opens within three seconds. So, try to remove all the useless multimedia content, optimize CSS, code and flash images from your website. You can use Google Page Insights after debugging the website. Check Google Page Insights Here.

6. Distribute Keywords In Your Content

According to the best practises for encouraging the SEO score of a website, it is essential to include your targeted keywords in titles and subtitles besides the paragraph. If your web content includes some images, then add keywords in their caption text. In addition to this, you should include the keyword on meta description and URL. Google takes both of them into account while ranking your website.

7. Optimize Your Images

It is always a good practice to use optimized images in your web content. Images that take less space get easily loaded with your website, thus, increasing the loading speed of your site. Images play an important role in SEO ranking. For example, Google image search can give your website better ranks if you have uploaded an optimized image. There are several compression tools available for optimizing your images.

8. Tweak Your Website For Mobile Devices

Nowadays, people prefer to browse the internet on their mobile devices rather than PCs. According to an estimation, the percentage of mobile users has reached up to 90 per cent. If your website takes too long to open on these devices, you will end up with a few visitors. Besides testing your site loading time on a computer system, you should separately test it for mobile phones. Earlier, Google was not giving preference for mobile devices, but now, it boosts the website’s SEO ranking based on how well the website performs on Android, IOS and other devices.


In this article, we have seen some ways to boost the SEO of your site. Getting a better rank for your website allows you to dominate the online marketplace. Having a website that does not appear on the first page of the search engine is a waste of time and money. You should always try for the top SEO services company as the affordable ones could cheat on you. Either online or offline, strong marketing is an important aspect of a business, and it is the only thing that will give your business a leading position in the market.


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