SEO vs. PPC: Which One Is Suitable for Your Business?

seo vs ppc

When starting your own business, it can become quite difficult to choose between SEO and PPC. Generally, it is believed that SEO is a more cost-effective option than PPC however, SEO also takes a lot of time to master. So, most businessmen prefer SEO because it is free. However, if you’ve ever come across an expert provided by any renowned marketing recruitment agency, he will have informed you about the amazing benefits of PPC.

So, before doing the SEO vs. PPC analysis, it is important to fully understand these two terms.

What Is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ SEO is all about managing the content and procedures that help in driving the target audience to your website through various web browsers. While SEO is free, it can take a huge amount of time to witness results. This is because a more competitive industry requires more competitive SEO. 

What Is PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation of ‘Pay Per Click’ marketing. It is about driving to websites through keywords. As people search for information related to any topic, search engines show them high-ranking websites based upon keyword usage. PPC is quite easy to set up and manage. However, it requires a lot of planning to see good results.

SEO vs. PPC Showdown

To decide which one is better, their advantages and disadvantages should be discussed in detail.

SEO Pros

Some of the most celebrated pros of SEO are:


If you have ample time and talent to write your own content, then SEO is the perfect choice for you. It is completely free. So, you can reduce your business costs effectively.

Improved ROI

Even in a highly competitive market, SEO can do wonders for your business. The right content and right investment can help you in generating significant ROI quickly. 

Slow Learning Curve

Even if you get started with SEO without mastering it, you can see good results. Here’s a step by step approach you can take to improve SEO over time:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Content writing
  3. Image optimization
  4. Finding good servers

Following this approach will start reaping visible rewards for you within a few months.

Effective Tool for Brand Awareness

If you succeed in generating high-quality content, you can get dual benefits:

  • More traffic to your website
  • More brand recognition

The higher the number of visits, the better the brand name.

Efficient Results

If you work hard right from the start, you can continue to reap rewards for years. However, it is also important that you keep revising the content over time. Otherwise, outdated stats can reduce traffic significantly.

More Effective Control Over Content

Through SEO, you can produce content in any way you like. You don’t have to follow guidelines related to titles or descriptions extra.

SEO Cons

Some of these are:

Results Become Visible Slowly

You’ll not be able to view the result immediately. It can take anywhere from 6 months to one year to realize the full potential of your work.

Difficult to Master

Although you can start with SEO immediately, it takes time to fully master it. You’ll have to learn HTML, JS, PHP, and CSS besides the standard link building and keyword research. Therefore, you’ll have to invest your time instead of money to make SEO work.

Difficult to Scale

SEO is quite difficult to scale. You don’t need hundreds of articles. But the more content you create, the more traffic you’ll be able to drive to your website. Therefore, if you have limited competition, then it is better to opt for PPC. 

Highly Uncertain

Most of the search engines work with algorithms. This means that your website ratings can drop or go up at any time. To make sure they go up, you need to have experts on board.

Not Effective in Attracting Customers

When people search for information, they are not necessarily looking for products/services. Therefore, it is not an effective way to attract customers. It is better to build an email list if you want potential customers to visit your website.

PPC Pros

Some advantages of PPC are:

Immediate Results

As long as your landing pages are amazing, you can see the results quickly. However, you’ll also need an effective call to action for this purpose. 

Easy to Master

PPC is easier to learn than SEO. With an effective campaign planning and optimization, you can see results.

Easy to Scale

Scaling is quite easy for PPC. The more you pay, the higher your ranking will be. The two ways of paying money are:

  • Targeting more keywords
  • Adjusting your budget

Effective in Attracting Customers

Because you’ve placed ads, people will mostly click on the link if they want to make a purchase. Also, search engines will show the links whenever the keyword is a buyer keyword.

Easy A/B Testing

A/B testing is quite easy with PPC. You just have to keep working on two ads. The one with the higher CTR will win.

No Uncertainty

Any search engine update will not be a problem for you. Also, it will not take a lot of time to find out about the ad approval.

PPC Cons

Some disadvantages of PPC are:

You Have to Pay for Every Click

You’ll have to pay for those clicks as well that don’t bring sales. So, you’ll have to be very smart about using PPC.

Rigid Learning Curve

Unless you understand all the aspects of PPC, you’ll not be able to benefit from it. Therefore, if you don’t want to burn money, then you’ll have to know about budgets, bids, ad groups, and CPC extra.


While SEO results appear later, they also last longer. PPC’s results are short-lived and don’t drive a high ROI.

Not Effective for Brand Awareness

You can reengage the same customers with the same ads. But they’ll visit you from some other business’s informational website.

If You Sell More, You Have to Pay More

You’ll have to keep up with the expenses if you want to sell more. That means you’ll be required to have significant disposable capital at all times. 

Low Control Over Content

You’ll have to follow the rules related to titles, descriptions, and even content for your ads.

Which One Is Better?

Let’s say, if you want to run ads for telecommunications staffing or music streaming, then it is better to opt for PPC. This is because these industries have very little competition. But if you have several competitors, then you should use SEO or a combination of SEO and PPC.

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