Sea-cucumber divers off Liberia threat hazard to feed a starvation in China

Abdoulaye Mansaray learnt in regards to the enterprise whereas processing sea cucumbers in Sierra Leone

Liberia could also be sitting on a doubtlessly beneficial commerce in sea cucumbers with China, however as journalist Lucinda Rouse stories, it might additionally threaten its coastal ecosystem.

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In late 2019, Wilson Nimley, a area officer from the Liberian fisheries authority, stumbled throughout a gaggle of strangers residing in one of many distant coastal communities beneath his watch. They turned out to be divers from Sierra Leone, on a mission prospecting for sea cucumbers.

These slimy, sausage-shaped members of the starfish household haven’t any native market however are a beneficial commodity in China as each a culinary delicacy and a medicinal ingredient.

Coming into mainland China from all over the world through Hong Kong, some varieties can fetch as much as $6,000 (£4,300) per kilogram.

Man wearing breathing equipment

Aliou Ba, or “Ali Diver”, exams out the respiration tools earlier than the hunt for sea cucumbers begins

Neither Mr Nimley nor his superiors knew something in regards to the existence of those beneficial creatures in Liberian waters.

However 37-year-old Abdoulaye Mansaray had been smart to the chance since 2013, when Chinese language divers working a number of hundred kilometres up the coast within the Sierra Leonean capital, Freetown, employed him to assist course of their sea cucumber catch. Initially incomes $45 a month, he realized the commerce and ultimately shaped his personal staff of native divers.

Armed with torches and respiration pipes connected to a diesel-powered air compressor, the group operates at night time when the creatures emerge from beneath rocks.

It may be a harmful enterprise: a number of of the divers’ wetsuits have been torn by the rocks, whereas forays into deeper water trigger nosebleeds and complications.

They proceed to dive regardless and collect as many sea cucumbers as they’ll, returning to shore by early morning to unload their catch.

For each kilogram of moist cucumbers they bring about, they earn $1.75. On a superb night time every diver would possibly catch as much as 50kg.

Man looking at the sea

Abdoulaye Kanu, who processes the catch, earns rather more now than as a telecoms gross sales agent

Then it’s time for Abdoulaye Kanu, a former gross sales agent for a cell phone community in Freetown, to get to work.

The 35-year-old says he earns 3 times as a lot processing sea cucumbers for Mr Mansaray.

He sits with a big bowl at his toes and methodically picks up the creatures one after the other, utilizing a pointy knife to launch their innards earlier than boiling them in a drum over a wooden hearth.

As soon as cooled, the cucumbers are smothered in salt and eventually laid out to dry within the solar. By the point they’re prepared for export, the specimens are laborious and shrivelled; their weight diminished by an element of 30.

Very important sand cleaners

Sierra Leone’s sea cucumber shares have been over-fished, forcing the divers to prospect additional afield. It’s a widespread development: some 70% of the world’s sea cucumber fisheries are both totally or over-exploited.



In China – the world’s largest sea cucumber market – there aren’t any pure populations remaining, in line with marine biologist and sea cucumber knowledgeable Dr Mercedes Wanguemert.

The issue in West Africa, says Dr Wanguemert, is a lack of know-how.

“No-one is aware of the species being fished or the dimensions of the shares,” she tells the BBC.

In tropical areas corresponding to Liberia, “a most of 10% of the inhabitants might be caught to be able to preserve wholesome ranges”.

Sea cucumbers play a important function in retaining marine ecosystems wholesome.

They act as a filter, feeding on natural matter and microalgae and excreting “clear” sand. Amongst different advantages, they preserve oxygen ranges and the pH of the water.

Eradicating too many sea cucumbers, warns Dr Wanguemert, has repercussions for all ranges of the ecosystem. Algae are the primary to die, which removes the supply of meals for small fish species, in flip creating shortage for bigger ones.

The most suitable choice for Liberia, she recommends, is a moratorium: “Cease fishing for 2 years whereas shares are studied.”

The Liberian authorities is conscious of the danger, in line with Alexander Dunbar, director for coverage, planning and funding on the Nationwide Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA).

“If not managed correctly, numerous our fisheries and the livelihoods that rely upon them might collapse.”

Mr Dunbar says NaFAA is taking a precautionary method in the case of licencing.

It has partnered with a tutorial analysis staff amassing information to tell the event of a sustainable administration plan for the brand new sea cucumber fishery: Liberia’s first ever species-specific plan.

Job potential

Mr Mansaray’s licence is conditional on his co-operation and provision of catch figures. No-one else shall be permitted to dive whereas the analysis is underway and till inventory sizes have been established.

For Mr Dunbar there are positives of a wholesome sea cucumber commerce: “If we handle it correctly it can create jobs for Liberia and appeal to overseas direct funding within the fisheries sector.”

However at current Liberians are excluded, missing the tools and know-how to dive and course of, together with the commerce hyperlinks.

Not like Sierra Leone, Liberia requires divers to be licensed, however no tax revenues are collected on sea cucumber exports.

And whereas native communities are keen to accommodate the strangers, the advantages to them cease on the two smartphones gifted by Mr Mansaray and a share of meals.

The value the locals must pay ought to extra divers arrive and disrupt their subsistence fishing could be far greater.

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A small group of townspeople is sitting by the divers’ secluded seaside camp.

One among them, Edward Nagbe, says they’ve noticed a handful of teams passing by in recent times: “We did not know the significance [of the sea cucumber] till a Chinese language man arrived, and he didn’t go into element about what it means, solely that it could go in drugs.”

The locals seem eager to become involved.

Though client demand for sea cucumbers is rising, Mr Mansaray believes the range in Liberia is simply too small and therefore not sufficiently beneficial to garner curiosity amongst critical Chinese language buyers for a lot enlargement.

‘Sea cucumbers modified my life’

Aliou Ba, who goes by the title of “Ali Diver”, hopes the commerce will proceed lengthy sufficient to permit him to observe his desires of ultimately opening up a small store in Freetown.

The eldest of the divers at 39, he says the late hours and different risks do take their toll.

Man looking at the camera

Mohamed Kakay is joyful to have a job diving regardless of the risks

Like a number of of his colleagues he has a persistent cough and is anxious in regards to the results of the work on his well being.

It isn’t an unfounded worry, with a threat of lipoid pneumonia from inhaling the diesel fumes emitted by their rusting oxygen compressors.

“I am fortunate now, I am younger, so it could’t infect me,” he says. “However at 60 or 70 years the an infection will come.”

It got here earlier for Mr Mansaray, who has not dived since 2014 when he developed pneumonia and was critically in poor health for nearly a 12 months.

However regardless of the dangers, a number of the divers, together with 32-year-old Mohamed Kakay, are grateful for the work within the absence of something higher.

“I used to be on the streets with my buddies, enjoying unhealthy games with police issues,” he recollects.

“The ocean cucumber job modified my life. It is a good job, a tremendous job and has drastically helped my household.”

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