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If you’re a programmer you can’t just go with the flow and work with any keyboard. You need a keyboard that destroys all normal keyboards metaphorically of course, what I mean is you need a best mechanical keyboard for typing which reduces wrist strain, has great variety, and looks specific to its function.

While many may generally look for a good keyboard for programming, some might want their keyboard to possess a special quality such as its appearance. So what as a consumer should you be looking at while trying to buy the best mechanical keyboard for programming to answer that we have narrowed it down for you in this article?

Keyboard Layout and Ergonomics

If you don’t exactly know what ‘keyboard layout’ refers to or didn’t know they are alternatives you’re not alone, many people only know the Qwerty which is the default keyboard patterns set across the western side. Some manufacturers add extra keys to control other functions.

The layout should be optimized according to your need, as a programmer a full-sized keyboard without any cramped keys will be better because it will not restrict your hand movement and cause a lot of wrist strain.

Being a programmer you will be sitting in front of the computer for prolonged periods of time so considering the Ergonomics of a keyboard can help avoid injuries and wrist strains. Keyboards specifically designed for programming feature adjustable height and tilt which is ideal since they allow the alignment of the wrist at a comfortable level.

If you’re in your zone or an idea crosses your mind you want to write that script as quickly as possible and for staying in that zone comfort is a must that’s why the layout and ergonomics play an important role in programming keyboards, also a bonus for using the optimized keyboard is that they are usually also the best mechanical keyboards for gaming.


Also commonly referred to as switches, they are an essential element to ensure maximum comfort and efficient typing speed and experience. There are different types of mechanical keyboards switches, you will come across keyboards which have a sensitive feel or you may find keyboard with hard keys as in they have more resistance and require more strength/pressure while typing.

Keystrokes should be chosen wisely as they affect typing speed as well as productivity for example scissor switches have less sensitivity and more noise while mechanical switches have a higher sensitivity and produce less noise. Keystrokes are really a matter of personal choice and what you may find comfortable.

Wireless or Wired Keywords?

In these modern times wireless keyboards are in or rather the term is ‘trending’ but while wireless keyboard minimize cluster as they have no cord to interfere they are usually battery powered and may lag at times.

On top of that there’s a cost factor that’s right all of my broke people know what I’m talking about , if cost is not a factor for you and you’re still confused go the middle way and buy a keyboard which works with or without a wire.

If you have move a lot then wireless is the way to go but if you have a permanent working space then opt for wired keyboard that way you won’t have to worry about changing batteries and stuff.

Going wireless can also have the effect of latency, which means that there may be a slight delay between pressing the key and the pc actually receiving the signal.

Additional things to consider

  • Compatibility:

Mostly keyboards nowadays connect via USB port and wireless need to be connected to the system. Many of them need additional software installed to use the function key so make sure your computer is capable enough before investing in a keyboard.

  • Extra function keys:

To speed up tasks many keyboards are coming with extra function keys for things such as launching apps. They also have power management keys, special character layouts and customizable shortcut keys which increase efficiency. Some may also come with touchpad or joystick to replace a mouse.

  • Minimum flex:

Investing in a keyboard which has curved or a different style so that your hand is at an angle which is comfortable and does not need to move a lot can give you best typing speed and can be great in the long run.

  • Decent built quality:

It’s better to check the warranty and reviews of a keyboard before buying one to make sure it has a decent built quality because along with wanting a good keyboard you also need a long-lasting one.

  • Price:

If you have a decent budget don’t be afraid to invest in a good keyboard, if you have a limited budget then don’t go towards wireless and get a good wired keyboard.

Before you go.

Remember that while extra key functions, shiny curvy keyboards may attract you they might not always be a need. Before buying a keyboard be very specific about your need, you may need optimized shortcuts and you may not need one depending on the type of programming you do.

So the best thing you can do before buying a keyboard is identify your need, if you use your keyboards for variety of things buying a too specific one may cause confusion in other tasks. So before your leave focus on your goal and don’t get distracted by those shining keyboards!

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