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Liz Elting co founded a translation business in 1992 in a college apartment with her former one-time fiance, Phil Shawe. Today, TransPerfect creates over two billion dollars a year in revenue from over ten thousand clients, including Google, AT&T and Walmart. The couple divorced in 1997 but remain co-owners of the company.

Translation Industry

The Translation Industry is a $2 trillion industry. The reason for its massive growth is the fact that the industry is a global market where clients from different cultures and countries to communicate using different languages and cultures. Translation is a unique field in that it requires clients to communicate through a translator who can interpret between their language and that of the client’s.

Liz Elting

Liz Elting began her career working in the marketing department of a company that manufactured medical equipment. As a manager, she saw that the market was changing quickly. In order to compete, a new product was needed, one that could meet all of the needs of today’s population. A new way of communication was required, a new method of selling and a new way of manufacturing was necessary.

Translation needed to evolve so that it became more than a tool. It needed to become a language itself. Translation became not only an international language but also a culture in its own right. Translation became an art form in which people could express themselves and their ideas. Translation became a business and a hobby for millions of people worldwide.

Growth in Language translators Business

Translation became a field that grew exponentially during the nineties. New companies cropped up every day, many with the same goals. They wanted to create products that could not only be translated into the languages of the clients, but could also sell them products in other countries and offer support to their clients’ business.

Language translators began to spring up everywhere. The industry grew and changed to become a highly specialized field where each translator had a specific field to specialize in. Translation became a field where each and every person’s skills and experience were needed, resulting in the need for over two hundred and fifty thousand translators at the height of the industry’s growth.

Liz and Phil have always been passionate about making their clients’ projects flawless. From the beginning they have been willing to learn from others’ mistakes, to learn from the successes and to work harder.

Vision, Passion and Dedication

Their vision, passion and dedication have allowed them to expand and grow TransPerfect as a successful company. They continue to add new features to the business while still maintaining a high level of integrity, providing the quality services that customers need. They are the most respected and admired names in the translation industry. For a person who grew up translating for her family’s convenience, Liz and Phil’s translation companies have evolved into an industry leader and business icon.

Liz and Phil bring years of experience to their translation projects, bringing years of expertise. They can translate from hundreds of languages into their customers’ native languages. They are able to use any type of text or speech, and know how to deal with people all over the world, even those who speak different languages.

There are thousands of translation companies in the United States alone, but few provide their clients with such a wide range of translation options. TransPerfect is among these few and far between companies.

Liz and Phil understand that language and culture are a huge part of the business of business. and that to become successful in this area, the company must have an excellent knowledge of the businesses that they are translating for and how those businesses interact with the clients that have hired them.

They understand the importance of good communication and are constantly working hard to provide clients with the best products, the best support and the very best customer service. Their customers are delighted with the results of their translations, and their clients return to them year after year.

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