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iMovie for Windows is a software for Windows OS that is similar to the popular iTunes alternative. However, it provides a number of features that iTunes can’t match. This is because it is designed to serve as an all-in-one solution that will permit you to do many things on the web and view your media across multiple devices.

Easy to Use

The software is also extremely easy to use, with step by step guides and tutorials included with it. With the option to export your files in numerous formats (such as HD/DVD), you have the freedom to view your videos on almost any device and with any operating system that are currently in use.

Benefits of iMovie for Windows

If you have never heard about iMovie for Windows, here are some of the main benefits you stand to enjoy by installing this add-on. The ease of use is the main reason that this program is fast becoming so popular. While it may be a bit difficult to figure out how to import videos and photos from your digital camera or your hard drive, with the help of the steps given in the video tutorial section you will easily be able to manage your files.

All Your Files in Your Device

There are several good options when it comes to getting hold of your favourite videos and photos. However, the First and major drawback of using iTunes is that it only allows you to view videos on your iOS device, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

On the other hand, the new iMovie for Windows version allows you to view your files on your new shiny Windows 10 computer. This means that you no longer need to have an external device to enjoy your videos and photos on the go. All you need is your Windows machine to get access to all your files.


The second advantage of iMovie for Windows is its high compatibility with all the major operating systems. The Windows version is compatible with most of the current desktop operating systems as well as the latest laptops and tablets.

The video editing software also provides the option of connecting to Wi-Fi networks without any hassle. This makes it one of the best imovie alternatives available on the market today. In addition to that, the easy setup process is another major factor that has made it one of the most popular video editing software.

Wide Range of Filters

The third advantage of the video editing software is its wide range of filters. The imovie for Windows software has an extensive range of useful filters including professional image filters, social network lens filters, music visual effects, textured filters, video blurs, and much more.

These filters make it possible for you to import a wide variety of file formats into your movie or photo sequence. You can use these filters in order to reduce the quality of your footage, add special effects, or apply other creative enhancements. There are even some filters that enable you to add titles to your videos or images.

User Friendly

The fourth advantage of iMovie for windows PC is its user-friendly interface. With the advanced tools and options provided by the software, it is very easy to learn how to use it and begin editing immediately. The drag and drop features as well as the quick start option ensures that users do not have any problems with their videos or photographs once they start using the product.

Compatible with Other Video Editing Software’s

The fifth and final major advantage of the video editor iMovie for Windows is its outstanding compatibility with other popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere, FCP and Avid Media format. This means that you can edit your movies using the exact same software as you use to edit other formats.

For example, you can import your FCP files or AVS files using the FCP tool while you can also import your JPEG files using the JPEG tool in iMovie for Windows. Another extremely useful feature is the “foreign language” option available in the interface. You can easily transfer your files from another format using the foreign language option.

iMovie alternatives for Windows

Now, no official version of iMovie for Windows to download. But, You can still use the alternative of this great software. You can use movieforwindows as best and close alternative of iMovie. iMovie for Windows is one of the trusted and reputed software for your video editing needs.

A lot of users will probably wonder why this particular software is being bundled into the latest version of Windows. The answer lies in the technology that is at hand – the Microsoft Movie Maker. This software provides users with the capacity to create and edit high-quality videos and photos.

In addition, it integrates with other features that iTunes cannot match. This is because it contains a number of useful add-ons that include a photo library, song composer, voice recorder, media player, and advanced video editing tools.

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