How to View Corona Virus Information through Facebook

How to View Corona virus information through Facebook

The year 2020 has not been great so far due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus pandemic started in Wuhan, China and right now this pandemic has engulfed the whole world.

We are right now living in the time of fear and despair and praying to God when this pandemic will get over.  Till now (11th April 2020) there are 16,99,019 people have been infected by this virus worldwide and have taken the life of 1,02,774 people. According to the recent update only 3,76,976 have been recovered so far.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak most of the countries are in the lockdown stage. The countries which have been affected most are China, Italy, Spain, and Iran. This outbreak has halted all the countries and the economy is in the dire stage. People around the world are afraid and are searching for the right information on the internet about how to protect themselves and their families against this pandemic.

After the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic loads of misinformation is getting circulated on the internet. So in order to counter fake information, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and many more are using their platform to spread awareness about Coronavirus.

 So today, in this article I will let you know how you can access the right information about COVID-19 using Facebook.

So let us begin and see how we can access the right information about COVID-19 using Facebook on the web and Smartphone.

How to View COVID-19 information Using Facebook Apps

You have to follow the given below step by step procedure from your mobile (Android/iPhone) in order to access COVID-19 information.

  1. STEP 1:
    Tap Facebook Apps from your android or iPhone Smartphone. If you are not logged in then kindly enter your email id and password on the Facebook App.
  2. STEP 2:
    Now tap the three vertical lines available on the top right corner of the screen.

How to View COVID-19 information Using Facebook Apps

  1. STEP 3:
    When you tap the three vertical line available on the right top corner then you will be redirected to the menu page where you would be able to see a list of sections such as “COVID-19 Information centre”, “Groups”, “Ads Manager”, “Friends” and many more.
  2. STEP 4:
    Here our goal is to find accurate information related to Corona Virus. So tap on the first section “COVID-19 Information Centre”.
  3. STEP 5:
    When you will tap the “COVID-19 Information Centre” you will enter a page where you can get the latest update about Coronavirus and you would be able to learn.
  4. Step 6:
    Jut below “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Centre” you can see there are two icons. That is “Share” and “Follow”. If you want to get notified with the latest COVID-19 update then tap the “Follow” button and if you want to share in your Facebook timeline or Facebook Group then just tap the “Share”

How to View COVID-19 information Using Facebook Apps-2


  1. Step 7:
    You can also share this information on a Facebook group in which you manage. If in this pandemic time you are busy with your family and do not have time but still want to share this valuable information with your group member then you can make admin to someone who is trustworthy so that he or she can frequently update your Facebook group member. If you do not know how to add admin then read the article how to add admin to Facebook Group.

These are the basic steps by which you can easily access the correct information on Facebook using your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Now you have understood how you can access updated COVID-19 information through Facebook Apps. Now I will let you know how you can access the Coronavirus update from your computer.

How to View COVID-19 information From Computer/Desktop

  1. Step 1:
    Login to Facebook from your personal computer.
  2. STEP 2:
    Now look below the “Explore” section available on the left panel of the Facebook news feed. You will get the “COVID-19 Information”

How to View COVID-19 information From Computer Desktop

  1. STEP 3:
    Click the “COVID-19 Information” link to enter the information centre.
  2. STEP 4:
    Under this page, you will get all the latest and updated information related to Coronavirus from all the recognized health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Government Of India and many more.


I hope you have understood how you can access correct COVID-19 information from Facebook using your mobile and computer.  

Before ending this topic I would suggest you never trust any third party information, only follow all the guidelines from WHO (World Health Organization) and its recognized health organization such As UNICEF.

So at last I would recommend you stay at home and stay safe and regularly wash your hand with soap and sanitizer until this pandemic is over.

Lets pray together to overcome from this horrible situation.


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