How to Grow Orchid at Home

How to Grow Orchid at Home

Orchids are usually considered as one of the easiest flowers to be grown at home and all do not require too much care but of course, several precautions are needed to be taken when planting an orchid. Orchids until now are found in around 40000 plus species and more than 250000 hybrid varieties.

Orchids are the most amazing ornamental plants and the three varieties that can be very easily grown at home in our most widely used are Cattleya and Paphiopedilum. Flowers delivery in Mumbai is easily available if you are willing to buy them to give somebody as a wedding gift. What wouldn’t be amazing if you could have them as a house plant in your own house and then gift people. Orchids are considered to be one of the friendliest house plants.

Growing Plants in Home

And although most people say that house plants are difficult to be managed you just need to take off the plants in a certain manner and that’s it. And just look at the brighter side of growing orchids inside your house. You would have fresh flowers in the morning when you get up and soon depending upon the space you can have a beautiful Orchid garden Reddy which would become the talk of the town when you throw your next party.

Growing Orchid in Home

So let’s see how to grow your orchid at home with all the precautions that we need to take while getting an orchid. One of the most important things to be kept in mind while growing an orchid is that you can buy flowers online which are already grown and then nurture them at home as we do with all other plants like roses, tulips, chrysanthemum, hydrangeas, etc.

1) One of the very first things to be followed while growing orchids is that you should not overwater it. Most people make this mistake of watering the plants too much which ultimately kills it. What you have to do is water it once or twice a week and that too not too much just enough that it’s damp. You can even put a few ice cubes to keep them watered. Or apply the trick of P. Allen Smith’s use of Turkey baster to just get a little water to keep the back muscles that surround the roots moist.

2) Another great thing about your orchid is that they need the same temperature as you need. If you are comfortable your orders will be comfortable so you have to make sure that they don’t need hot or cold weather around them. Exactly the reason why they are always grown in transparent pots where I can get some light but not because direct sunlight will just spoil the plant. So if you want to gift somebody’s anniversary flower bouquet then by following these steps you can be successful and gift them on time, instead of wasting thousands online.

3) These orchids also have aerial roots. It is important not to damage them, these roots absorb important nutrients and moisture from the air, it’s important not to destroy them.

4) If you’ll overwater your orchid the tip of the leaves would start dying. But once when your orchid is ready, you can send flowers to your loved ones and they’d be delighted.

5) One of the most important thing about orchids and that is they are like small plants but you must remember that they are a part of the bigger tropical green trees and that is why they are branches from the beginning tend to lower down, due to lack of support and if you want to keep your orchids straight then you must add either a stick to it and tie them together or you can stake them to grow.

6) The flowers will bloom in the succession of the stem. When the first flush finishes you will find nearby another bird growing what if you do not find it so then you can cut the stem to the just node below the flowers. This  bud develops into a second flowering chute. Don’t worry if the stem dies the chute will start growing from any one of its sides. And sometimes the new flower chute may grow from the base itself.

7) To grow well your orchid will need repotting an orchid compost and feeding regularly. This will make sure it stays in good condition and produces more flowers. It will be amazing to have a few more flower deliveries in Mumbai if you are having a party.

8) There is one more thing that you must keep in mind while growing In Orchid and that is it is better to buy one orchid at a time and see its success rate and then grow it into a garden then buy too many and create a mess.

9) When you see that your orchid is at its peak in growth, that is the right time to add fertilizers by mixing in water to it. Make sure to check that fertilizer that is truly meant for orchids.

10) It’s better to keep your kids growing inside and in case if you plan on growing them outside in your garden then make sure that it is a shady garden where sunlight falls partially on the plant. Decorate your Orchids for a party. Well, let us not deny the magic of a decorated house, especially with beautiful colors of orchids all round like red, blue, violet, yellow and lime, etc. So to decorate your house for a party you need to first order flower delivery in Mumbai of orchid plants.

Place these orchids from the containers into a gelatin bag of the exact size. Now take kiwi vines and insert it close to the stems of the fresh flowers. They can add a lot of visuals to the flowers. And clip each kiwi vine with a natural clip of jute threads. Now take a large bowl and place two plants in it and the leftover space adds newspapers. Finally, we’ll add moistened sheet moss for that green color.

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