How To Fix PUBG Crashing Issues on PC

How To Fix PUBG Crashing Issues on PC

PUBG is one of the most exciting and popular games worldwide. However, many users have reported the application crashing while the game is running. This is the worst-case scenario when a simple crash can turn tides against you. A lot of players have reported the application to be full of bugs and have experienced crashes more than 4 times a day.

This is extremely frustrating and the gamers expect a quick response from the developers. In such a scenario, you can either anticipate the solutions to the glitches or you can find and fix those issues by yourself. Think you have it in you? Then read on.

In this step by step guide we will discuss several methods to resolve PUBG games crashing on PC issues. PC users get ready to do some digging if you want to solve the issues all by yourself!

Methods to Head-Shot The PUBG Crashing Issues on PC

Think of this quick guide as the special-item crate of the game. Follow the steps to fix the errors.

#1. Reinstall the Game

This might sound weird but you need to properly uninstall the game and install it again. This is the best way to start trying out several methods to remove issues that crash the game.

This removes the corrupted game files and folders from the directory, thereby allowing you to have a clean slate to start over.

#2. Get the Latest Patch Updates

The developer team at PUBG regularly releases patches that fix any possible bugs that may crash the game. You can check out for the latest patch of the game on the official website.

You can check if the problem persists once you download the latest patch.

#3. Deactivate Overclocking

In case you have overclock your GPU just to get those 60fps directly onto your eyes, performance will increase along with the quality. But those who are facing crashes should reset the overclocking settings to default.

Doing this may or may not fix all the errors but you will surely experience a lesser number of crashes.

#4. Update the Graphic Drivers

Generally, you experience crashes when you are using outdated drivers. Here the graphic card drivers play a vital role in processing those frames per second while giving you a quality gaming experience.

If the graphic drivers are not updated then you may face crashes while running PUBG. You should update the drivers and to do that, we recommend installing the best free driver updater software.

This software allows you to download the device drivers easily. Once you are through with this step run the game and check if there are any problems.

#5. Check and Re-Check the Graphic Settings of Your Game

If you own a high-end gaming machine then you will find fewer errors. But if you have an entry-level gaming PC then you may face problems while rocking out the graphic settings to the highest level.

Sometimes the system may not take the burden and fail to perform as per the max settings. Many a time, the system hardware might not need the full requirements and as a result, the game may crash.

Try to lower down the settings and play the game.

#6. Run the Steam App and PUBG with Admin Rights

Another possible cause behind those crashes is that you do not have the required rights to run it. Follow the instructions:

 To Run PUBG with Admin Rights 

Navigate to the location:

  1. C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Battlegrounds > TslGame > Binaries > Win64.
  2. Double click on the Win64 folder to open it.
  3. Right-click on the ‘TsLGame.exe’ file.
  4. Click on ‘Run as Administrator’.

 To Run Steam with Admin Rights 

Navigate to the location:

  1. C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam.
  2. Right-click on the file ‘Steam.exe’.
  3. Click on ‘Run as Administrator’.

#7. Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

If you are unable to run PUBG on PC, there might be a problem with the Visual C++ Redistributables. You should update them or reinstall them from Microsoft’s official website Here.

Final Words

So these are a few solutions to solve the PUBG crashing on PC issues. You can also check if you have the updated graphic drivers. Search on the Internet for the best free driver updater tool and get the updates right away.

Waiting for those patch fixes, updates and highly anticipated dates of the official updates are a few things that might stand as a wall between you and your perfect Chicken Dinner. Erase the issues today and get going!

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