How To Choose A Beautiful Name for The Store

How To Choose A Beautiful Name for The Store

One of the important tasks when opening a store is to come up with a suitable name. This is a way of identifying among competitors showing off colorful signs. The success of a business depends on the name and strategy of brand development. You need to choose a word that would attract customers like a magnet

Assign a task to a professional in the field of naming This is a whole area that addresses the issue of creating names for companies, product lines and stores – from the English “name”. The work of neumes is not easy, it requires studying the assortment of the store, the target audience of buyers. Contact advertising agencies or look at freelance exchanges.

The option is good, but costly, the services will cost from 3000 dollars. It all depends on the company and specialist portfolio. At the piggy bank of his experience there are works for well-known brands, the amount of the fee may increase to 30 thousand.

Such projects on the popular site of freelancers in the American space – cost about 15 thousand dollars. Organize a contest on – here the fee of participants for a good name is about 3 thousand. Save and, at the same time, attract potential customers by organizing a contest-survey on social networks. But to get a beautiful option, you can not do without the cost of a tempting prize for the winner.

About a trichy result even a novice can get without major costs. But all unanimously confirm that this is a tedious process, a whole science that requires knowledge in the approach to business.

Self-naming – is it real

Why not try to pick a name for the store yourself? Of course, the result will not turn out right away, especially since in this matter you should not take rash decisions. Using the methods described below, you can successfully come up with a name.


This is a joint search technique with consideration and discussion of all the options that come to mind among several people. This will allow you to look at the question from the side – it is difficult to admit or notice errors if the word seems perfect. And vice versa – others can approve of an idea that does not find a proper response in itself or seems mediocre. The main thing is that the assault takes place in a serious atmosphere, and the participants want to achieve a better result.

Foreign words

A common way is to use dictionaries. The name of delicious sweets “Bonjour” is of French origin and translates as “good afternoon”, and “bon prix” – “good price”. There are many similar examples on the market. Beautiful foreign words sound intriguing. After choosing several options, consult a person who knows the language regarding the correctness of their use.

We combine several words into one

The technique reflecting the industry of work in the name is to combine combinations that merge into one sonorous name. Play with the words to form a new exclusive name. The pet store is proudly called “LapUsik”, what could be simpler? It is clear that everything necessary for owners of paws and mustaches is sold there. Successful, but unfortunately, not a single name “Chaikoff” or “Tchaikovsky” – they were loved by the owners of establishments selling appropriate drinks. The second option also fits the following category.

Names and Surnames

Signs “Maria”, “At Sasha”, “Valeria” indicate that the owner decided to glorify himself or a family member. But such a naming can be put on a solid three, you will not be surprised. It will not distinguish the institution from hundreds of others. Consider foreign variations or form a name from a family name. You can think of it to reflect the direction of work – “Tsvetkoff”, “Medoff”. Take the main product and develop a name based on it. Write down options and choose.

Geographic features that inspire

You can successfully use the names of rivers, lakes, mountains, animals, plants in naming. There are options: a Bavaria beer store, Malibu clothes, a children’s store Aist, a supermarket chain Brusnichka, hunting goods Polar Bear. Use the features of the village or country. And use wow name generator In each city there are unofficial names of districts, streets. Pay attention to local legends. In Donetsk, the beer “Good Shubin”, which refers to the character of mining folklore, is popular. Another example is a number of brands in Scotland, many of which are dedicated to the Loch Ness monster.

Favorite Heroes

The names of well-known literary characters will be an excellent name for the institution. Homeware “Freken Bock”, bookstore “Elena the Wise”, confectionery “Winnie the Pooh”, children’s toy store “Mowgli”, “Little Mermaid”. Such names are associative, set up the buyer in a good-natured way. Similarly, quotes from videos and books, winged expressions, puns based on them are influential.

What word can be called a store

Use any name that appeals to you and corresponds to a number of parameters that will affect the success of the new institution. Remember the famous phrase: “What do you call a ship …”.

  • Important points. Name must:
  • to be brief, capacious;
  • easy to remember;
  • be unique
  • evoke a positive associative image.

Brevity is the soul of wit. Do not be so sophisticated that the word can neither be spoken nor remembered.

To check how exclusive the selected name is, type it in the search bar of your browser and find out if competitors have taken it before you. Avoid jammed consoles like “top” or “vip” so that the name is not lost among hundreds of similar ones. Call your customers attractive, desirable images, then they will want to look at the assortment.

Provedite training, which will include the work of the creativity and the unconscious. Put pleasant music, release your imagination to freedom, think about what people want to find in your store, write association words on a sheet. Use several tricks: natural objects and translation, combining names into one. You can choose the name of an online store in the same way as you would a regular one, but keep in mind that it must match the domain name, and therefore be unoccupied.

Show the list of options to people whose opinion you trust. Take a vote. You might want to develop a brand name – a logo, then this fact is also worth considering.

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