How to Build a Video Mapping for Events

How to Build a Video Mapping for Events

From 2011 to today, video mapping is the technique most used by brands to unleash emotions in the public, gaining ground on the market. In video mapping, costs and equipment include multiple items, to know if you are planning a promotion. Here’s how to build a video-mapping for events by optimizing the company budget.

What is video mapping and why it is suitable for promoting an event

The word itself says it: “video mapping” is a digital drawing made of lines of light, white or colored, projected onto an object. The result is animated images, repeated whenever you want, even on gigantic surfaces such as facades of skyscrapers and squares. Or the projection is made on small objects to be highlighted, such as statues, furnishings and clothing.

“Video mapping is a digital drawing made of lines of light”

Video mapping is a close relative of augmented reality. The projected textures, in fact, give the viewer the impression that the object comes alive, with a spectacular visual effect. In short, this technique shows a second skin that moves, thanks to a mix of lights and shadows. Logical that video mapping is the top in all promotional sectors, such as:

  • The launch of museums and monuments, where it catches the public by highlighting the single work or an entire exhibition. With animated projection and good storytelling, the contents offered also have an emotional component. And they increase ticket sales
  • Theatrical performances where the costs of the “solid” scenography would be excessive. Video mapping produces particular effects with little expense and great success on the young audience
  • Private events in entertainment venues. Here you find a new freelance figure, that of the VJ. It is a video maker that projects the contents in time to music, mapping them into the environment, on the floor, walls and ceilings. The same happens in the wedding field
  • Restyle of commercial premises agree. Video mapping is used as a low-cost furnishing technique to win back customers
  • Artistic performances in an art gallery or in urban spaces, as futuristic street art
  • In high-level advertising campaigns, intended for a new product or to strengthen an existing brand. Video mapping is used indoors in a fair or in an urban space attractive to the public

6 Reasons Why Marketers Love to Use Video Mapping

As you may have guessed, marketing has a number of excellent reasons for using video mapping.

  1. His ability to make the product or the brand spectacular, impressing the user and capturing his attention
  2. The use of the interactive method that involves the viewer
  3. The ease of viral diffusion on social networks and web platforms, the main vehicles of brand reputation
  4. A greater appeal than the common fixed billboard, which is much less fun
  5. The possibility of use by the public in real time and from a mobile device
  6. The reduction of material, structural and logistic costs.

Being virtual, video mapping does not require complicated transport, assembly or disassembly of structures, construction of bulky elements. However, it is useful to know some tips to use it. Here are our tips on how to build a video mapping for events and above all what costs to budget to conquer your marketing goals.

How to Build a Video Mapping for Events

You are planning a promotional event and you think that offering the public an effect video mapping is right for you. Brands began to exploit the technique ten years ago, using intermediate spaces in cities around the world. Thus they provide the public with entertaining entertainment other than conventional advertising. You are well aware, however, that the brand or company has a specific budget for promotion, so you must first evaluate the costs. Here are the steps to take to do it:

1) Evaluate the freelance skills you need, namely

  • a video editor expert in projection mapping who creates graphics with After effects, Adobe Photoshop, Maxon Cinema4d or Autodesk Maya
  • An expert in video design and motion graphic, who digitally transfers the graphics also providing animation with 2D and 3D software. Check free 2D and 3D softwares here.
  • A technician installing the projectors, who knows how to place them in the environments to be mapped, respecting the safety criteria. The same must repair in case of sudden breakdowns
  • A content storyteller who invents the “plot” of video mapping by telling the brand to convey the advertising message to consumers
  • An architect who has the right equipment to measure the lengths and heights of the object and the space where you want to organize the event

2) Decide on the type: fixed or interactive installation? Costs change

A video mapping that interacts in real time with the viewer has a different technology than that which simply projects graphics on objects. With strong repercussions on the cost. Therefore:

  • For a video mapping projected on a fixed element, a software for the creation of animated contents and one for mapping environments is sufficient
  • For the performance of content that follows music in real time, however, you also need software that manages projection and interaction. The same for an interactive museum animation

Video Mapping, Costs: it all depends on the right projector

The most important cost in the construction of video mapping for events is the projector. Here are the tips to evaluate the most suitable and thus adjust with the budget:

Evaluate the yield. It is given by the relationship between the size of the image to be projected and the distance of the projector from the object. The ratio is a number between 0.3 and 12; the more it grows, the more the projection distance increases. For example: do you want a projected image to be 3 meters wide and the maximum distance of the projector from the object is 4 meters? The number you need is 4/3 = 1.33, which corresponds to the performance of the appliance. When the distance is very close, do not project on sheets or the like, because even a slight movement of the surface distorts the image, with disastrous results. If you are event planner or party organiser so you have to choose all equipment from good and reputed suppliers. If you want outdoor led displays, So you have to find a good and reputed outdoor led displays supplier for your event, party or business.

Watch out for the projector’s lumens, which indicate the amount of light emitted. A large number of lumens means that it is more powerful, therefore more expensive. Attentive to the light levels of the chosen place, video mapping must take place in the dark or at night, never in broad daylight. Contrast levels are also important, i.e. brightness in black and white. The light levels of a place can influence it. If the context of the event is very bright, the projected image is faded even with high contrast

Fundamental is the resolution of the projector, calculated in pixels, which build the projected image. A low pixel count means that it will be more difficult to tell them apart with the naked eye. For clear results, we recommend using images and a projector with a resolution of at least 720p (HD). And not smooth surfaces, which make the pixels bigger. Laser and LED projectors are preferable because they offer better image quality

Decide how often the image repeats, which depends on the duration of the event. It has a normal range of 50 or 60 Hz. Fundamental to have crisp reproductions to post on social networks and make the promotion viral.


You had the idea of ​​promoting a brand with an event: excellent choice! Doing it with a video mapping means being sure of success. If it seems difficult or you don’t have the time, look for a freelance team to help you. Now that you know how to manage costs and what your goals are, start now and good luck!

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