How Teenagers Can Protect Themselves from Anxieties during the Lockdown Period

How Teenagers Can Protect Themselves from Anxieties during the Lockdown Period

Being a teenager might be a difficult phase of life for some, even in the best of times. Yet the current situation and lockdown is making things even more challenging. With schools being closed and many events including movie premieres, concerts and other social gatherings that the American people were usually fond of restricted, it’s an unusual time. So much so that people have no other choice but to use mobile applications and games to communicate with their friends and use online media to participate in classes.

For teenagers facing boredom and long hours of confinement and isolation in the house is quite challenging. But this difficult time can be bearable as well: Here are a few things that you can do during the coronavirus lockdown to make sure that you do not get anxieties or get bored in your home:

Create Distractions

If you think that during chronically difficult situations you can stress out or get anxious, dividing the problem or the situation into two different categories might create a way out. You can divide this into

Things that are within your control or things that you can do something about, and Things that are beyond your control and you can’t do anything about them at all

Many things fall within the second category according to the current situation. But that’s okay. One thing that is definitely going to help you is having something that will keep you occupied and distracted. A nice distraction could be doing your homework, watching a movie or going to bed reading a novel that you like to read or keeping your wardrobe organized. These are some of the ways that you can use to distract yourself.

Watch a Movie and Share Reviews Online

This can be one of the most amazing ways to kill boredom and anxieties during the lockdown. People these days not only spend too many hours watching their favorite shows and movies but also look forward to buy one of the most cost-effective packages and deals like the silver package by Spectrum. This way they get the best entertainment and a good distraction for themselves.

Consider That Your Anxiety Is Something Normal

If you think that if school closures and listening to some amazing headlines are enough to trigger your anxieties, then trust me you’re not the only one. This is exactly how it feels because a lot of negative energy gets accumulated around you. If you get on a more positive side of things, it helps you prepare for the threat or adverse moments beforehand. It helps you to make decisions that you need to make at the moment and do not spend time with other people or waste time standing with a large group. These feelings not only help you to stay safe but also keep others safe as well.

In the current scenario, it is totally fine if you get anxious. The reason is that we find so many people and websites saying so many things about COVID-19 and almost nobody is talking about the solutions. That is totally fine. On your end, you can just make sure that you are using an authentic source and keep this in mind that not all symptoms can be life-threatening. Many Covid19 symptoms are curable as well.

Feel Your Feelings

It is a very disappointing and frustrating thing to feel that you are missing out so much because of the COVID-19 outbreak. You must be thinking that you could have been at a concert with your friends or could have been playing a sport or working out at the gym. Trust me, I know what it feels like. The best way to deal with these feelings of disappointment is to get right through it. It is fine to feel sad or depressed and go through it. It only becomes something destructive when you linger on your sadness and disappointment and don’t make your way out.

Find New Ways to Socialize With Friends

It is very obvious that due to the current outbreak and lockdown situation many people had to postpone their plans for a long time now. It was quite sudden and you must’ve had a lot of plans for the day when the news for the lockdown would have arrived. That’s not a problem at all. With so many multiplayer games and applications meeting and socializing with your friends is not a problem at all. Check expert guide of phisycal distancing here. These apps and games are an amazing way to stay connected to your loved ones and practice social distancing at the same time.

Be Kind to Yourself and Others around You

Many teenagers face bullying and abusive behavior from others. You should not confront bullies as it might cause harm to you. What you can do is that you can turn to your friends or an adult individual to get help or support you. In case you see a friend who is getting bullied, try to offer support as doing nothing at all will make them feel that there is nobody who could help them or that nobody cares for them. At least say something kind as a kind gesture or words of kindness will make a positive impact on them.

Work and Focus On Yourself

Before helping others you must help yourself. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable position to help anyone else. To help anyone else in distress, you need to help yourself first. To do that you need to focus. There are a lot of ways to stay focused and in case there is a crisis situation you have your senses in place. You can spend time reading a book, playing a musical instrument and get yourself a hobby so that you don’t have to think about anything that can trigger anxieties or depression.


These are a few things that can help you to exercise your mind and make sure that you don’t get into depression of any kind while you are home during the Coronavirus Lockdown. So stay safe and make sure that you work on your psychological and physiological well-being as well.

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