Home Boxing Workouts That Will Get You In Fighting Shape

Home Boxing Workouts

You don’t remember the last time you had to skip your workout because the gym was closed indefinitely? You don’t have to, even now. What about the boxers trying to remain in shape amidst all the chaos the recent lockdown of boxing clubs has caused? Well, you can practice several workout techniques that feels just as good as knocking down an opponent in the ring.

  1. Is home boxing workout for you?
  2. Yes, why not?
  3. Should I try it if I have never boxed before?

Probably not. We recommend you only try this if you are otherwise already a regular boxer or at least have been under training for a while now.

It is rather a well-known fact that boxing, in general is an ideal sport for those either looking to tone their muscles or slim away that extra pound on the body. Because of its nature as a combat sport that is cardio intensive and improves core stability, it is an ideal exercise too for building up endurance, stress relief and burning fat.

Even if you are away from your best friend back at the club, the punching bag, we’ve got you workouts that would still keep you well in shape.  About those favorite pair of boxing gloves, why worry when you have premium quality, real leather gloves that you can order with Infinitude. No boasting, but it is hard to find a match like Infinitude that would let you customize your boxing gear and hand it over within 18 working days!

What should my Workout Entail?

Working out from home does not have to mean avoiding tried and tested ways to keep fit. Mix up a combination of these and a few days into it, the positive impact on your body would start appearing. But to see the results of a boxing workout entails fast paced, high intensity movements, probably almost like a representation of a real fight. An exercise of this sort could also be high pressure, but that is one of the key targets of boxers, isn’t it, to build up endurance and to cope with stress?

One of the best things about these techniques is that you can even follow these without any form of equipment. Plan out a ‘warm up-box-finish’ sequence, resting a minute in between if it gets too overwhelming and you’re good to go.

Time to get going!

Rope Jumping

Always get started with a warm up exercise. Even without a skipping rope, hold your legs and arms apart, circling your wrists just like they would if you were really jumping a rope. Be sure to build the pace gradually, let the body build up the heat necessary to move to other forms. Once you’re heart’s pumping during the repeat steps, you are ready to move forward.


Squat & Jump

As hard as these sound, squats are a definite way to strengthen the legs. Just a solid bend of the thighs with legs held at a distance, hand in the front and standing back right up. Repeat a few times or at least for about a minute to complete the round. For even squats, keep the thighs as parallel to the ground as possible. After each round of 5-7 squats, add a jump in the air that lands you softly on your knees and hands.

Now is when your body is really getting in form for that real cardio workout.

Push-ups & sit ups

When you’re boxing, your entire body including the core needs to toughen up. Push-ups are a special treat for the arms and shoulders. You can try a variety of push up techniques including the standard option which with weight on the arms and shoulders and legs stretched on the ground or a slightly easier approach with knees also touching the floor.

Mountain Climbing

High rate cardiovascular activity coming up! This technique is a fine blend of traditional crunches and a lot of balancing involving your wrists, shoulders and the back. Just hold your body in a position similar to if you were getting ready for some pushups, alternately moving in your knees towards the chest with your hip bone kept as steady as possible. Build up the pace to a level you are comfortable with. But remember, this one’s going to make you heart rate go up, be ready for that.

Shadow Boxing

Got those custom made boxing gloves from Infinitude yesterday? Yeah, time to use them now and show off to your mates in a string of pictures and videos. The right combination of moves when punching in the air with this technique would ensure that you’re practicing well on your foot movement , managing offence and defense, trying and mentally preparing on techniques to knock down the opponent; all while working hard on endurance, strength, agility, speed and power.

Combine jabs & crosses, jabs-crosses-hooks, crosses- hooks, and even speed punches to suit your strategy. Reach out to online training videos or even better, your own club trainer to make you a winning combination of the punches.

Punching Bag workout

This one’s optional but would definitely by a good addition to practice your punches before heading into a round of shadow boxing. A couple of minutes on the heavy bag, a couple on the speed bad should do the trick

Finishing off

Repeat a few rounds from the some of the warm up exercises or simply do some sit-ups to give your boxing workout a closure. Remember, when you almost feel like giving up, that is when your body is on a point to reach to your desired goal – Just no giving up! Your workout could last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your target and your coach’s guidelines. Use this time well so that when you get to go back, you are still in perfect fighting shape.

What’s next?

Whether you are a beginner still under training, or a fighter a truly beneficial workout requires having a routine – a schedule. Here’s a sample for your eyes. If you are already training under a coach, get an input and set your own plan, set it for an entire week maybe.


Phase Move Duration (approx.)
Warm-up Rope jumping (5 min)

Squats & jump (1 min)

Rest (1 min)

Push-ups (1 min)

Sit-ups (1 min)

Rest (1 min)

Mountain climber (2 min)

12-15 min
Boxing Bag workout (3 min)

Shadow boxing (5min)

8 -10 min
Finish Sit ups ( 1 min)

Jump rope (2 min)

3-5 min


This schedule is only for your reference, please get professional input or follow trainers online to choose the workout schedule to suit your stage in boxing the best.

Got some ideas already?

Have a plan in hand too?

Share what is working best for you in keeping up your fitness?


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