Effectively nice, now I’ve to surrender psychedelics

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
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It’s a tough world. As of late it’s laborious to get by way of even an hour with out one thing hammering down on you and masking you in an iron weighted coat it’s a must to carry by way of the remainder of the day, week, or month. It’s an actual slog, and nearly nobody can keep away from it. Actually nobody with even a sliver of morality or conscience.

You decide issues sooner or later on the calendar to get by way of the grind. Possibly it’s a pal’s celebration on the weekend. Possibly a present you need to see a few weeks away. A game you bought tickets to someplace down the road. Massive date — no matter it could be. Possibly on a nightly foundation, or perhaps each every now and then, you get one thing you ingest, or imbibe to degree you out. Possibly you may trip that feeling out for just a few days, even after the consequences have gone. Some issues work that manner.

Sadly, I’ll now should do away with one in every of mine, as a result of uber-doofus Aaron Rodgers has advised the world that he has found DMT, and the way he couldn’t uncover self-love with out it:

I’m not right here to shit on no matter Rodgers wants for his psychological well being, although it appears curious he’s speaking about self-love when there’ve been few individuals extra in love with the sound of their very own voice the previous few years than Rodgers. However perhaps it was all a entrance, one thing he did to guard himself. Rodgers definitely is aware of about sustaining a facade in a whole lot of areas. And there was proof that psychedelics may also help those that have had cognitive issues.

However nonetheless, I can’t be related in any manner with the mayor of Dipshitville like Rodgers. If he’s doing psychedelics then I don’t need to be right here. I clearly am within the flawed place, as lease is about to go manner up. It’s a disgrace I’ll miss the problem and rush of breaking down a Cole Hamels commerce within the 40 minutes I had earlier than shit kicked in. Or attempting to not giggle hysterically at nothing in entrance of my pals for not more than 15 seconds at a time so that they don’t get uncomfortable. Or feeling a novel reference to a guitar solo that will or not be occurring. These had been good occasions, and I’m sorry to see them go.

But yeah, Rodgers ruins the whole thing. It’s like Elon Musk saying he likes your favorite band, except Rodgers is actually good at some stuff. Or when everyone who made fun of you in high school for listening to Pearl Jam is now listening to Pearl Jam. The whole thing is poisoned.

I’ll have to find something new. Cocaine is still overrated, right?


Anyway, let’s finish with a Oneil Cruz missile that traveled some 430 feet in the time it takes to clip a toenail.

Fun baseball players are fun. Too bad more teams don’t want them.

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