Does Coronavirus Affect Heart and Cardiac Patients

Does Coronavirus Affect Heart and Cardiac Patients

With increasing time, the spread of coronavirus is also increasing. There is a vast difference in the number of cases of corona positive patients a few weeks ago and now. People who are living in corona infected areas are really struggling a lot to stay away from the infection. This arises with various questions in our mind. One of the questions is does coronavirus affect our heart?

Till now, all that we know about the Nobel coronavirus is that it affects the lungs of the infected person. But then, is it possible that the coronavirus also affects other parts of the body? Today we will have a look at these possible questions. According to the medical experts of Wuhan, 1 in every 5 persons infected with the COVID-19 develops cardiac problems. Now it was a concern to look whether the virus directly affects the heart or the disorders are caused indirectly due to lungs infection.

The experts of Wuhan also wanted to get a solution to this question. This is the reason why they started to find out the relation between heart disorders and COVID-19. Among the infected persons who were having heart disorders, most of the people already had a history of heart disorders. This made the doctors think that the coronavirus may affect the heart indirectly. This is possible because of the damage of the lungs. Since coronavirus directly affects the lungs, it can not perform it’s functioning properly. This affects the circulation and the disorders present already in the body get expressed.

But this is not only the case. There were few patients who never had any history of heart disorders. But these patients, after getting infected with the COVID-19, developed some disorders of the heart. This made the experts believe that the virus can also directly affect the heart. Now after the experts concluded that the virus may also affect the heart, it was important to know how likely the virus can affect the heart.

To get an answer to this, the experts started to examine the condition of heart of the patients of COVID-19 at various stages. The result that they got was surprising. The experts found that the patients that show simple symptoms of the virus are not more likely to develop heart disorders. But the patients that show severe symptoms of the virus and are also admitted in the hospital due to the virus develop disorders of the heart.

You may also be wondering, how a virus that is known to insect the lungs created disorders of the heart. You can get the solution by the fact that a flu virus when enters into the body increases the chances of heart attack by almost six times. The experts have also said that the direct infection of coronavirus on the heart is not very common. It is rare indeed. More frequently, the heart can be indirectly affected by the virus. In any of the cases, you may observe general signs of the disorders. It is obvious that you are not likely to observe signs like beck’s triad.

Let us now know what happens in both cases. What mechanisms occur in the body when the virus directly infects the heart and when the virus indirectly affects the heart is our concern for now.

Treatment of the Disorders

The vaccine of the coronavirus commonly known as COVID-19 is still not discovered. This makes it confusing to know if the heart disorders caused due to the virus either directly or indirectly be treated or not. The answer is yes.

If the virus directly causes the disorders in the heart then treatment with antiviral drugs is done. This treatment is done in rare cases since the number of patients having direct heart infection of the virus is low. On the other hand, if there is an indirect infection of the virus then it is not treated using antiviral drugs. The antiviral drugs are used as a treatment only indirect virus infection. Indirect infection is treated using immune-suppressive drugs.

The reason for infection, in this case, is the immune system of the body itself. This is to say that the virus used the immune system of the body to indirectly infect the heart causing various heart disorders. You have to boost your immune system dering covid19 epidemic for fighting against this virus.


To conclude the relation between coronavirus commonly known as COVID-19 and cardiac disorders, we follow the experts. According to the experts, the chances of the virus to affect the heart directly is very less. In the case of direct affection of virus, the heart disorders can be controlled by giving antiviral drugs to the patients since the effect is direct.

Heart disorders are more likely to be caused indirectly by the virus. In this case, the virus uses the immune system of the body itself to cause various heart disorders. This case occurs in the majority of patients having heart disorders. For the control of heart disorders, in this case, the use of immune-suppressive drugs is done.

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