DIY Electric Bike: A Good Decision or Not

DIY Electric Bike

When was the last time you decided to take your bicycle out for a long-distance drive to your office? The thought of a tiring journey and insufficient speed stopped you.

The bicycle also had an issue of excessive strain on the lower body due to pressure used while peddling. Although that is an excellent way to build up lower body strength, it is not for one and all.

Because cycling is best avoided in people with pelvic or limbic issues, it lacks a broader range of viability. Additionally, rough terrains and uphill roads become much more strenuous on a bicycle.

With the changing world, new things are bound to be introduced. Some are an excellent rendition of the past, while most are not so much. Electric bikes changed the basic concept of cycling for the better.

These bikes require minimal effort to maneuver and the electric motor fitting ensures that one can pick up speed without needing to peddle through. However, electric bikes do not come at a nominal price.

The sophisticated makes and models with a variety of upgradable features are often over 1000 dollars at a minimum.

Humanity, in general, is known to be one of the most creative and the most intelligent of all species. As an alternative to the brand name electric bikes, DIY electric bikes have been making an uproar for quite some time.

Why is electric bike gaining so much popularity worldwide?

  • Improves the quality of life: Bicycle requires effort and is always not an excellent choice for people with limbic issues. Fuel vehicles are often not affordable, nor are they great for commuting short distances during rush hour.
  • E-bikes are an excellent alternative means of transportation that is easy to ride even if you have trouble with knee and ankle related injuries.
  • Instigates better ridership: When you have the option of driving through any surfaces with ease, you are willing to explore the idea further. Ebikes makes riding look neat and smooth.

So, while one side it promotes better fitness and endurance, on the other hand, it instigates one to keep riding and trying new things.

  • Everyday usability: On average, an electric bike can withstand a weight limit of 300 to 350 lbs.

For day to day activities like going to market and hauling various goods, they are a great choice. Inexpensive and custom fitted with racks and baskets, everyday traveling is made more accessible and more comfortable.

  • Environmentally safe: E-bikes are excellent means to reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions, and pollutants. In fact, with increased usage of e-bikes, the area required for parking spaces can also cut to a drastic extent.


  • Cost-effective – Run solely on electrically charged batteries, the bikes reduce the cost of fuel refill to 0. Excellent money-saving alternative to fuel-powered vehicles, they help one save a lot of money over time.

The question, however that remains unanswered is how good these self-made electric bikes are?

A debatable question like this requires a thorough knowledge-based answer based on a few key feature points.

  • The make

The electric bikes available in the market have all custom made parts consolidated in place to create the final product. Each component is specifically designed to fit in a particular position and have specific functionality.

However, in the case of a self-created electric bike, extra fittings are added on a regular bicycle. The parts may or may not all be from a specific company.

Most brand name electric bike companies do not produce accessories and components for self-creation projects.

  • The look

The converted e-bikes will never have a classy and elegant look like a brand name electric bike. If the brand name sleek look is what appeals to you, then choosing to create one yourself will not have much appeal.

But these do it yourself projects allow a massive choice of options in terms of colors, designs, and patterns to be used in the electric bike.

Since there is no limit in the design, make and model choice, these self-made bikes are often intriguing and different in look.

  • The ease of usability

Electric bikes, in general, are known explicitly for their ease of usability on any given terrains. Climbing uphill or moving through uneven and odd terrains are much easier thanks to these bikes.

Additionally, they have a great control system and navigational facilities preinstalled to help make the journey much more feasible than usual.

In the case of a DIY electric bike, the functional inclusions much depend on the features installed by the maker. Most often than not, people experimenting with self-creation prefer adding features and upgrading according to their needs and with time.

The usability quotient hence definitely changes too. In the case of a brand name electric bike, upgrading requires changing the bike completely. At the same time, if it is a self-made project, replacing a specific component is sufficient enough to modify the usability.

  • The durability of the bike

Brand name e-bikes are bound to be much more sturdy and more durable than converted bicycles due to the extraordinary bonding units used while making them.

However, the warranty on the parts and components are often limited to a specific time frame in case of brand name bikes.

Whereas in the case of DIY bikes, one can choose to replace a specific part of the bike without needing to exchange or throw away the entire bike in itself.

  • The additional feature

The built-in features in electric bikes vary depending on the make and model. Navigational units, GPS tracker, led lights and electric horn signal, etc. are a few additional features.

In the case of DIY electric bikes, each additional component means extra cost. The generally available electric bike conversion kits do not come with the majority of the other functional units. Many are not available in the market as separate entities, so adding them in the self-made bike is not possible many a time.

  • The overall cost

Electric Bikes are quite expensive. The affordability quotient makes it a problematic choice of purchase. Most of the electric bicycles under 1000 dollars available in the market, may not have the best quality built and extensive warranty coverage.

Creating an electric bike using the regular bicycle is not only extremely cost-effective, but one can ensure that he or she is using quality products in the projects. Costing at a maximum of 500 dollars, despite adding all the additional required features, the self-made electric bikes are way more affordable and easy to maintain.

An electric bike has become one of the most preferred vehicles of choice for millions of people around the globe. Besides being a green and environmentally-friendly commuting option, it helps one stay fit too.

Besides the clean technology used as the base principle of creating these bikes, they are often very safe and sturdy for even day to day usage. This includes DIY electric bikes too.

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