Dark-Nets Adoption to New Technology

During the last couple of years, law enforcement agencies have played a proactive role in the dark-net. Thanks to the active part of the law, many criminal activities have been observed in the dark-net. The actions led to the seizure of various markets and the arrests of dozens of criminals involved in the game. On the other hand, the perpetual self-harming effect has led to shut down of a good number of industries.

Europol’s Core Interest:

The dark-net witnessed 2019 as a transitional period. Despite the massive number of arrests, Europol still stands at odds to see no drop in delinquency rate in 2020. Thanks to the status quo of the delinquency rate, Europol researched the unprecedented trend. Europol noted an incredible resilience of the dark-net after it closed down so many markets in the dark-net. At the same time, Europol was surprised to see how the dark-net evolved to deal with the situation. The dark-net adapted new strategies to carry on with its illegal financial transactions.

According to an annual research on the dark-net, Organized Crime Threat Assessment for 2020, now the dark-net market functions in the form of shortened life-cycles. The direct consequence of this shortened life-cycle trend has eroded the credibility of the market. Besides, law enforcement finds it challenging to capture the cybercriminals as the former don’t find enough time to arrest the latter. The said cycle makes it difficult to monitor the dark-net markets efficiently. Thus, there is a continuous “seek and hide” game between the cyber thugs and law enforcement agencies. And increased difficulty for law enforcement.

The Transitional Process of the Dark-net Markets: 

The new adapting trend enables the adapted/evolved markets to take over the defunct markets, Dream Market and Wall Street Market are some of the examples. Dream Market and Wall Street Market just replaced the dead AlphaBay and Hansa market almost in no time thanks to the same “adapting trend.” As a result, Empire Market emerged the largest dark-net market that managed to exit with almost $30 million in the crypto, leaving the users to look for alternative platforms for illegal transactions. Nonetheless, several marketplaces stood their feet, such as DarkMarket.

Also, it became the trend further strengthened that any market that continues to grow tremendously is likely to exit scam. The finding led the admins to believe that a single platform shouldn’t extend beyond specific parameters. Thus, many migrants are searching for different markets with vendors having multiple accounts on other platforms.

The Reason For The Growth of the Dark-Web Markets: 

One of the reasons for the growth of the dark-web markets is that they are now operating as “wallet-less” markets. The culprits involved in criminal financial transactions have made it difficult for law enforcement to track them down. They only make their money through commissions, which means a direct transaction between the buyer and the seller. Similarly, some markets such as Monopoly Market accept Moenro only thanks to its better security features, and the practice has made its tracking harder than the other cryptos.

Here let it be pointed out that the dark-net provides a safer place for multiple illegal entities rendering it impossible to hunt it down in a single blow. So, the law enforcement agencies will have to be more advanced, sophisticated, and efficient to eradicate the ever-evolving dark-net market.


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