Coronavirus, Symptoms, Guidelines and How to Avoid Lethal COVID19

covid19 coronavirus

Coronavirus has killed more than 90 thousand people worldwide while the pandemic has affected more than 1.5 million citizens of 209 countries. Here we have Coronavirus Updates, Symptoms, WHO Guidelines and How can you save yourself for this virus.

Symptoms and Cure

The fast pace of the outbreak needs specific arrangements to avoid the killing virus. It includes Social Distancing, Staying Home, Get Quarantine (if necessary) and using Surgical Mask and Gloves.

On the other hand, the Symptoms of Coronavirus include Dry Cough, Intense Fever, Broken Body and Breath Problems.

How to Avoid CoronaVirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) COVID19 may take up to 14 days to appear as an infection. Meanwhile, researchers also believe the duration may last up to 24 days.

China has overcome the pandemic at large. Surprisingly, the country which allegedly causes the Global Crisis is the first country minimizing infected cases and death rapidly. Chineses Doctors believe the lethal virus may also be transmitted through someone who is not apparently infected. This actually shows the intensity of the virus.

According to WHO everyone who is living in an infected country or place should follow instructions like:

  • Avoid Touching Face
  • Cover Mouth While Coughing (Use Tissue)
  • Wash Hands (Typically from Soap/Hand Sanitizer)

Types of Mask

A regular surgical mask is normally loosen from edges which makes it unable to prevent dust and infected air. Comparatively N95 Surgical mask does not leak in and prevents up to 95% of Air Pollution.

According to WHO the virus has suffered 5% percent of the Global Population badly while 14% got ill. It has affected around 81% people somehow therefore if you are not necessarily fully infected. That is the reason Health Authorities request masses to be positive and help them save a testing kit go in vain.

Is It Curable?

For the time being, Coronavirus infected patients being treated at ground level. Doctors helping patients breathe active and keep Immune System strong. The vaccine procedure is under but would not be available very soon.

How it All Began?

The CoronaVirus is not something new to be witnessed. It is new for human though. Back in 2002 an outbreak named “SAARS” has similar symptoms. SAARS killed 774 Chinese citizens and it all began from BAT in the same city the WUHAN which is famous for animal flesh.






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