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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

It wasn’t long when the people discovered a virus in Wuhan, China and left no opportunity to mock the Chinese for eating absolutely anything and basically found the situation pretty much meme worthy. Nobody at that point of time ever had it in their minds that the situation could go so worse and the virus that originated from China would cause WHO to declare it a pandemic rapidly spreading all across the globe.

Even thought, it is often argued that the virus isn’t deadly, it still has caused more than 70,000 people over the world to lose their lives and thousands are falling victim to it with every passing minute. The entire world seems to have stopped functioning and almost every country has gone for a lockdown to promote social distancing and consequently the spread of the virus.

Even though China has managed to combat it, the entire world is still struggling and people are restricted to their homes in quarantine to prevent their exposure to the apparently non-lethal virus affecting the daily wagers the most who are finding it extremely difficult to sustain their lives where their access to food is also severely denied.


Even in the days of wars, you cannot stop and be settled down completely. The systems would collapse like anything if that ever happened and so no matter the circumstances, you can always find ways to continue with your work that is basically the prime reason you are able to sustain your lives. Amidst these uncertain conditions where you cannot even step out of your houses, work from home is the mantra of every working person these days.

Companies and firms are not letting people completely isolate themselves from the world and have figured out ways to continue their working from home because life has to go on and to bring things back to normal, one has to continue doing what he has been before in whatever ways he or she can. With the easy access to mobile phones and internet, working from home is not that difficult but in fact it has made lives a lot easier for a lot of people which is one of the advantages one can pick from this terrible situation.


The superpowers seem to be collapsing drastically because of the situation the world is stuck with. Apart from people, economy is the next important thing that is being terribly affected by the virus. Stock markets have gone down, people are taking their invested money back and nothing seems to go in the right direction especially for the world economy. Some of the finest and developed countries in the world are falling short in terms of their economy which is something one could never even think of and is extremely sad to see. The only savior to the failing economies is the technology which has emerged out as the undisputed king in these circumstances.

It is the advancement in technology that has enabled people to work from home with ease and run the companies near to how they are usually run. When the states have gone for lockdown and shopping out in denied, it is the access to technology and internet that has brought the idea of online shopping and has convinced people to place their trust on e-commerce. The people at e-commerce are putting in their heart and soul to bring the best of facilities for their buyers and the internet service providers are ensuring exactly the same. You can still get your favorite Leather Jackets be it a black leather jacket or the Top Gun Jacket only because technology exists and the idea of shopping online has taken rise under these circumstances.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the world would have fallen down disastrously and every big country’s economy would have lost its abilities to secure their people if technology didn’t exist in the first place. We are all able to eat; we have access to some amazing content to spend our times on during this hectic and draining quarantine because people at the e-commerce are working hard and diligently to ensure you that. After the doctors and the paramedical staff, they are undoubtedly the frontline warriors who will be remembered in the history for their services.

Conclusively, it is important that we realize the severity of the situation and play our parts which only require us to stay at home safely and patiently.  


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