At Home Cardio Workout for Weight Loss | 2020

home cardio workout

The situation in the whole world is getting worse. Countries all over the world are getting locked down,  people don’t have any way to exercise out of their home. lots of people are gaining weight than ever just because they have to stay at home and no way to exercise.  so their weight is gaining increased day by day. 

It Becomes an acute problem and a challenging task to have workout especially for those who have problems with cardiology.  The patients of cardiology cannot exercise normally like other people. they have to meet in some criteria and also take care of their cardiac health during the workout especially at home cardio workout for weight loss. 

In this article,  we have Identified some at home cardio workout for weight loss that is really beneficial to health.  We have researched so many articles and medical experts review to identify the best at a home cardio workout for weight loss.  Hope you will find them effective for your health. 

Barpees Very effective and efficient at home cardio workout for weight loss.  You don’t need any type of equipment wider places Orange special environment to do this workout. 

For Burpees, You will need to jump straight towards the air and fall back to the ground again.  doing this repeatedly for 10 to 15 minutes will help you burn your fat increasing the blood circulation. 

  • Jump Rope

This you will need equipment that is available at every home. Yes, you got this right!  you will need a simple rope to do this. all you need to just move the Rope around you and jumping to prevent touching the rope. If you are truly serious about the cardiac exercise, you can try chest press machine.

  • Running

This is the most popular and familiar workout.  But you may have a little bit complexity about how someone can run staying there home.  when the word running comes to your mind you maybe think about an open location, park or an airy space where you can run freely. But how you can run staying at your home?

While home cardio workout is the best way to lose weight in the midst of a pandemic, you can also alternatively learn unique features of a DNA test to help you unlock secrets of losing weight.

For that, you will need a treadmill,  but It’s ok if you don’t have a treadmill at all.  You still can do it by running in a single place. You also can run staying at a certain point. Running on a yoga pad or any other mat will help you reduce the noise as well as lessen the pressure on ground. 

You can listen to workout gym music venue Run inside your home.  it will increase your motivation to have more workouts. The recommended duration for running in a single period of time is 30 to 40 minutes. After taking a break you can run again. 

Running can be your best at a home cardio workout for weight loss if you take it regularly. 

  • Dancing

An easiest and entertaining way to have a cardio workout to lose weight. You can really dance by playing your favorite hip hop music in your room. You can move your body parts easily and freely.

In a simultaneous process, you will enjoy both your favorite music dancing as well as your healthy workout.  But with that process, you cannot burn your fat rapidly was this is one shot of soft exercise. 

Dancing is suitable for those who cannot take heavy workouts because of some health problems. Taking exercise with a rowing machine can be the best solution for your workout. 

  • Running the Stairs

You are right!  all you need to just climb the stairs of your home as first as you can.  this symbol workout will give you dramatic cardio health benefits than most of the exercises. 

Before start running on the stairs, you have to be careful about your capability and health condition.  most of the cases it creates massive pressure on your knee. so if you have any problem with your knee, you shouldn’t try this sort of workout. 

you also have to be careful about the group of stairs. You should check very carefully if there is any slippy condition or water on the stairs. 

Don’t forget to wear grippy sports sneakers to avoid any kind of accident because of a slip. Never try to run too faster or slower and always be in a focused mood and concentrate on your steps very carefully without any distractions. 

  • Jogging in Place

Jogging in place is just like running at your home by staying in a certain place.  But you can take advantage of the open space of your home by slowing down the speed of jogging. 

You can simply jog to your whole home and back to the point of destination once again. 

This is good Home cardio for weight loss. for the old aged people who have not that much capability to run or taking other heavy exercises like that. 

Benefits of at-home cardio workout 

  1. Increasing the blood circulation of your body
  2. Making your cardiac health better
  3.  burning the extra fat of your body
  4.  building the muscle of the body
  5.  losing weight
  6.  Increasing the immunity system of the body
  7. Preventing diseases
  8.  beneficial for the patient who is suffering from diabetes
  9.  strength the structure of bone and joints
  10. Increasing cardiac blood circulation 


  1. Don’t take work out for a longer period of time
  2.  using a yoga mat or any other soft mat
  3.  drink lots of water
  4.  take break properly
  5.  be very careful about the home furniture
  6.  close the door of your room if possible
  7.  where light addresses and a  pair of sneaker obviously
  8.  take nutritious food regularly

Best time for exercises

You don’t have to be panic about the proper time for taking exercise.  You can do it at your possible available time whenever you like to do it. 

So isn’t there any proper or suitable time for taking a workout?  Yes of yes to have. The best time for working out is in the morning.  You can enjoy the meditation in a charming feather as well as a heavy workout at that time. Morning is the best time for both mental and physical health recommended by the medical experts. 

Also, you can take exercise in the evening.  but whenever you take exercise don’t forget to take a cold shower just after the workout. 

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