An Effective Guide on Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair

An AC is the ultimate cooling solution that you can rely on to offer you effective cooling during the scorching summer months when the temperature reaches 50 up to degrees.

But what will be your condition on knowing that your AC is not working? Won’t you feel jittery? There may be many reasons why AC is not cooling, and one of them is not being able to take care of your AC properly.

Read on to know a few air conditioning maintenance hacks that you may follow to help your AC continue to work without issues!

Clogged and dirty air filters can hinder the normal air flow and reduce the cooling ability of your AC significantly. When the filter of your AC is very dirty, the air that flows inside bypasses the filter, and then dirt gets carried to the coil. In turn, it leads to the soiling of cooling coils. Hence, you must ensure to clean the air filters of your AC at least once a month. Cleaning it frequently can help you enjoy proper cooling. If you have pets with fur, then it becomes more than important. In case if your air filters have given up, then it may be the right time to replace it.

  • Maintenance of Evaporator Coils

Each of the AC models contains an air filter that helps in prevention of the dirt and dust  the cooling coils. But even with this air filter some dirt and debris gets entered on the AC coils with time. Due to this dust and dirt, the capacity for that evaporator coils gets affected. As a result, heat absorbing capacity of the coils gets reduced affecting the room cooling process. So, it is suggested to have a service of your evaporator coil in a year.

  • Maintenance of Condenser Coils

In each and every air conditioner the condenser and fan unit is always located outside of your house. And an outside environment is always dirty as we all know. That dusty environment causes dust and dirt in the condenser coil. Because of this dust in the condenser coil the compressor and condenser got heated. So before stating your air conditioner in the season, it is suggested to go for it’s maintenance for once.

  • Cover the compressor during winter months

As we have discussed about how and why the maintenance of condenser coil is required just above, it is required to cover your compressor during the winter season or the time when you don’t use your AC frequently (travelling). Ensure to cover up the compressor unit, which is installed outside. You can cover the unit using a sheet or cloth to ward off dirt and dust from entering it. If you don’t do it, then it may be why AC is not cooling during the summer months.

  • Make sure to unclog the drain

If you find that the rear drain is clogged, then the water will find no way to go out and may lead to drips and leaks. What’s more, the humidity level of your room may even go up due to this. Thus, it should be your duty to check the drain and try unclogging it or get expert help the moment you see a clog.

  • Check the fins

You should know that finding evaporator and condenser fins are easy to find. With the passage of time, the fins can bend and accumulate dust and dirt. Thus, you should check them frequently for bending and cleaning them. In turn, it will help you protect the evaporator and condenser. Not attending to it from time to time may be why your AC is not cooling at the peak of summer.

To clean the air conditioner  fins use the AC fin comb. The fin comb is the tool that is manufactured with soft bristles. The comb is designed in the way, which can clean the evaporator fins as well as condenser very gently. Both exterior as well as interior fins could be easily cleaned.

  • Clean and Regularly Maintain AC Fans

A faulty fan or if there is any fault in the fan motor or in the driver motor, it can cause a noise in your Air Conditioner and it is really very annoying. Generally the noise problem arrives in AC just because of the blades of the AC fan. If there will be dust or dirt particles on your AC fan, then you will need to check and clear the blades of your air conditioner. So a regular cleaning of AC blades may keep away the problem of noisy air conditioners. Additionally, if still the noisy air conditioning is not stopped then it may be that blades of the fans are loose.

  • Go for regular air conditioner maintenance

Before you start your air conditioner in the summer months, the first thing that you should do religiously is scheduling a checking of your device by an expert. You should let an expert check the health of your AC at least twice a year and must before the onset of summer. The technician will test your AC for possible leaks, the refrigerant amount remaining, air flow, filter and tighten the connections and much more.

By following these vital AC maintenance hacks, you would be able to ensure that your air conditioner is able to work without hiccups during summer months.

In case if you are looking to buy an AC in India this summer, then you should buy one with a higher Star rating to save on energy bills.

The 3 Star vs 5 Star AC difference is that a 5 Star rated AC can help you save up to 25% on power compared to 15% on 3 Star.

It would also be useful to compare models across brands so that you can purchase one that matches your budget and likings.     

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