A Website as a Business Card – Is that Even Possible?

website as a business card

Of course, it works very well. Many people create a website if they think that they are well-considered investments. Then, of course, there is also the possibility to lend a little hand and to benefit from building your own website even with little previous knowledge; such as through the free website builder .

Well, when it comes to website creation and whether it is a good investment, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it be able to expand your own target market?
  • Would the website consist only of reasons of prestige or does it contribute to the company’s profit?
  • Is there enough budget or capacity to supply a blog with content in the long term?

Depending on the answers to my three questions, everyone has to decide for themselves as to what capacity the website would serve as a business card.

Then why a website instead of a single page?

Well, here, too, it depends on whether it’s really about offering only a digital business card (keyword prestige; everyone has it, so we can’t be the only ones who don’t have it), or whether it is about the target group to also extend to the online area.

Online shops, for example, that don’t just want to sell in a shop. Or the book author who would like to be booked as a ghostwriter in the future.

Even you, in any profession that you are, can use your site as a business card, because you are using it to gain new cooperation partners and customers.

A website is ultimately important because SEO constantly needs new content.

9 important reasons for having your own website

  1. You show presence! Remember: “If you can’t find it on the Internet, you don’t exist!”
  2. You have the reins in your service or business’ public image.
  3. With a brilliant website you stand out from your competition.
  4. You expand your target group and automatically generate higher profits.
  5. Your contact options for your customers receive a neat push.
  6. Your target group always stays up-to-date with your offer!
  7. A homepage can be wonderfully integrated into your own corporate design.
  8. Ensure customer loyalty by constantly reminding yourself through your website.
  9. Pave your way for the international market through an English language website.

Many site owners are not just bloggers

Most self-employed bloggers don’t live from just one side. They either use their skills and build multiple websites, some of which may be affiliate websites. Others set up their own agency at the same time and then either mediate blogger relations or take care of other people’s social media accounts.

It is of course possible to live from just one website as a blogger. But whether that is the goal is a completely different question. For example, I like to have several “irons in the fire”, as the saying goes. If a source of income breaks down for any reason, that’s not a problem for me. That’s why I set up so many different projects and run my own companies on the side. Another advantage of this is of course the versatility. There is always something to do – and if I’m lucky, something different every day!

Even in such cases, the individual blog serves as a business card (or reference if you prefer to call it that).

Is there a golden rule for good website content?

The most important thing of all is that you should have added value. What else can you do to upgrade the content of your website accordingly?

  • Spelling and grammar ; No one resents typos. But from a certain point it just hurts the eyes. Surveys show that people often leave blogs despite great topics if too many mistakes are made.
  • Structure your texts ; Do not write anything back and forth as long as it does not amount to a real talk and thus opinions or stories from your life. If you offer instructions and the like, there should also be a certain structure in order not to be too confusing.
  • Legibility of the texts ; Use paragraphs, pictures, bullets, etc. Actually everything that you like optically. The main thing is that you don’t kill your readers with a single block of text every time. If the texts are long, mark the most important keywords in bold in order to help the quick readers to be able to grasp everything relevant even when flying over them.
  • Use W questions ; It is very simple psychology: readers will be attracted to this if you often start questions with a W. How, what, why, why, where, and so on.

If you take these points a little to heart, you will quickly upgrade the content and subsequently your entire website. Your readers and you too are happy.

So I wish you much success in creating great added value! If you have any questions on the topic, please type it down in the comments.


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