9 Things to Do In America Before You Die

9 Things to Do In America Before You Die

Some of us know friends planning to take more vacations while we are here living on paycheck to paycheck.

5 years ago, when I started my first desk job, I was surrounded by the same circle of friends. And there I was, hardly able to afford my Spectrum Indianapolis Internet bill. A coworker of mine inspired me to explore the United States before dreaming of taking a vacation to Paris or any other country.

She showed me her bucket list of travelling and exploring the wonders of my own country and changed my perspective on things. Whether you are a college student, just started your first job or way into your 40s, this list is for all. These are the top things to do and places to visit in the USA before you die:

9 Things to Do In America Before You Die

1: See a Broadway Show in New York

Are you a fan of theater? Check out what show is premiering on Broadway and take one of your friends to see all the action live. Or you can simply go alone. The experience is better than the cinema. So many classics are lighting up the stage even today. Buy a ticket to any of those. For more detail about broadway show click here.

2: Witness the Beauty of the Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms bursting into the bloom in spring is a scene you wouldn’t want to miss if you admire nature. Trees in the Tidal Basin in DC are ripe with cherries. You can experience a similar work of nature at Frank Underwood. I would recommend visiting the monuments at night in peace.

3: Grab Some Pizza in New York

Who doesn’t like pizza, right? But if you are talking about the best pizza in the country, New York is heaven. Pizzas there come in all sorts of sizes and scrumptious flavors. That bubbling cheese and the chewy crust can tantalize anyone’s taste buds.

The great thing is you don’t have to sit in a fancy restaurant to get yourself the best slice. You can grab a slice for as low as $3 from the street. Joe’s Pizza is so far the most recommended pizza place in the city.

4: Take an All-American Road Trip

You have got to take a road trip, be it with your friends, family or partner. And mind it when I say a road trip in the United States is unlike a road trip in any other part of the world. Columbia River Scenic Highway is my favorite. The backdrops are just stunning. Most people take road trips for the scenic beauty and I couldn’t agree on it more.

5: Munch on the Soul Food in South

Calling all foodies in the house. The South is an ideal place for all of you. While you are at it, forget about healthy eating. Fried chicken by Gus here will make you come back for more. BBQ food is almost available everywhere. I had to try different restaurants to find my soul food.

6: Entertain Yourself in Florida’s Theme Parks

It’s not just kids, some adults live for theme parks in Florida and we all know which one I am talking about. It’s Disney World in Orlando. The park has eternal cool points. Other options include Sarasota and the Florida Keys. Before heading to any of these theme parks, I suggest making an itinerary beforehand because you will run out of time, not options. For Florida theme parks navigation information you can visit this post.

7: Head to an Architecture Tour in Chicago

Chicago is full of buildings with amazing architecture. If you have an eye for architecture, get yourself a ticket to a guided tour offered by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Experts will take you on a tour of the entire city. Make sure you are wearing leather shoes because there’s going to be a lot of walking.

8: Watch an American Sports Event Live

This is a must-do for everyone. There is a lot of madness for sports in the country. I suggest getting a ticket for a basketball game and catch sporting legends live. And not to forget, munch on those nachos while your favorite players are out there performing. You will remember this experience your entire life.

9: Experience Rafting In Colorado

Colorado is one great place to raft. Passing through mountains and huge forests while navigating your way through the river, you will have a thrilling experience. And not to mention those pine trees are mesmerizing. The waters in Colorado are the dream of any rafter.

If it’s your first time, make sure you go with an experienced person. That white water rafting is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A great thing about the USA is you will never run out of options. My bucket list still has so many items that I need to check. Now that I have a great job and I can afford my Spectrum service, I have added a trip to Europe on my list along with other items as well.


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