8 Reasons Why Your Insurance Settlement is Lower than You Deserve

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If you recently took an insurance company to court, here are eight reasons why you did not get the money you thought you would.

Whether you have been to court already or are planning an up-and-coming case, listen up. If you do not protect against the following eight things, you might find yourself worse off than you imagined. Your lawyer only took your insurance claim case because they believed they would win it. However, there are things that can harm your case if you do or do not do them. Let us review.

The 8 Reasons that Your Insurance Settlement was a Low Offer

Did you get a lower settlement offer than you had hoped? Here are eight reasons why that might be the case.

1 – Insurers will Besmirch You

From the moment you file for an insurance claim settlement, the insurer will go out of their way to make you responsible. This can range through all sorts of sneaky tactics. They will interview you, hoping you will apologize or admit blame some other way. They will record every interaction you have with witnesses, with them, with your friends if they can witness them.

2 – The Insurer Saw Your Socials

One of the biggest mistakes a new client in a settlement can make is talking about the case on social media. Anything you say online could go against you in their eyes. For example, if you post that you are playing football a few days after your accident? They will see that and lower your offer.

3 – The Insurer Used a Program

Honestly – insurance companies pre-determine the offer they will give you based on the criteria of your injuries. Those criteria enter into a software program and that program calculates the cost of your injuries. To be clear: we are letting AI and software algorithms decide how much your pain and suffering is worth.

4 – There is a Question Over Your Injuries

If the insurance company put together a valid case that shows your injuries are not what you say they were, you could face a reduced settlement. This is where they get sneaky, and you might catch them watching your house for your movements.

5 – They are Attempting to Dismiss Your Case Easily

As an insurance company rep, you want to get through your workload as quickly as possible. To do this, you might skip on a detail here or there. They might not even read your whole file. They might just place an offer and hope you take it, so they do not have to do the legwork.

6 – They Think you will Take It

The moment you meet your insurers, they are making assessments of you. From the minute your case hit their desk, they are looking at your clothes, your car, your house, your finances. They are assessing what the lowest sum they could offer you without insulting you is.

7 – You Took the First Offers

Not just the first offer, but the second offer, too. Both are testing the water, seeing what you will put up with. They gauge your reaction then offer another. Do not settle for less than your worth.

8 – You Did Not Get a Lawyer

This is a newcomer mistake. Lawyer up from the get-go and be ready for a fight.


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