5 Reasons to Give Horror/Thriller Flicks a Shot

5 Reasons to Give Horror Thriller Flicks a Shot

Award-winning horror and thriller flicks are being produced one after another these past few years. So if you’re not a big horror fan, it might be hard not to feel like you’re missing out on a lot of good cinema experience because you don’t watch the genre.

Horror and thriller films are practically Hollywood staples because they’re cheap to produce and often brings in good revenue. Because of this, there’s quite an assurance that you’ll hear more about the genre in the future. And with the current trend among horror filmmakers exploring new ways to shake their audience to the core, the genre is definitely showing a lot of promise.

Sure, it’s all about personal preference but if you’re also open to widening your horizon and embracing your inner film buff, you might also want to consider getting a fright out of the best and latest horror flicks. If you just need a bit more convincing for you to head to your favorite Regal Theater on the next horror film’s release date, and buy that movie ticket that always seems to increase in price, here are some reasons that might just give you the nudge you need.

1. Watching a scary film is comparable to doing some light to moderate workout.

Viewing a scary film will affect your body in various ways. It will get your heart pumping. It will get your brain to release adrenaline and trigger your fight or flight response.

However, did you know that it can also help you burn some calories? According to a study, watching certain horror flicks can help you burn calories up to 184 calories. The numbers are said to be equivalent to what a 140 lb individual will burn after 40 minutes of walking.

Imagine, all you have to do is watch a scary movie for about two hours and you’ll already get some workout? Any couch potato who is interested in getting a fright will love the idea.

2. Getting scared can help elevate your mood.

If you’ll think about it, it’s hard to be down when your body is amped up with adrenaline and ready to run off. However, science also proves that getting a fright can also result in an uplifted mood afterward.

How is this possible? According to research, being scared is a high-arousal negative stimulus that can make people feel less anxious and less frustrated. Folks also tend to feel happier after getting scared, mostly because they realize that they’re safe and that there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s important to note, however, that the findings only apply to those who willingly take part in the scary experience. Those who don’t necessarily enjoy getting scared don’t really get mood benefits. It can also cause trauma for very young kids, so this perk might not really apply to everyone.

3. Horror flicks are fascinating.

A lot of horror flicks scare us because they’re so relatable and they feel so life-like – as if the things happening in the movie can also happen to you. However, some movies are also too far-fetched but can still be frightening in their own ways.

These make these movies so enjoyable to watch as they can really be very fascinating and intriguing to certain audiences. In fact, even experts have a lot to say about the genre and why it’s so interesting for so many people. All boils down to these films being undeniably enjoyable for some people, however.

4. There’s always something fresh in the genre.

Sure, the horror and thriller genres like to flesh out concepts that worked until there’s nothing remotely scary in it anymore. However, these genres also like churning out something fresh every now and then. There will always be a new subgenre coming out every so often that fans of the genre always find new ways to get spooked.

One good example is The Blair Witch Project who started the found footage subgenre in 1999. The rawness of the visuals made it scarier as you don’t even see what or who the characters in the film are scared of.

The classic, The Shining, on the other hand, offers a different take in scaring audiences with supernatural powers. With a psychological element in its story, people are left gripping their seats with the unsettling feeling it came with every frame.

5. Directors get to have more freedom when directing horror flicks.

As thrillers and horror movies are often used by production houses to pad their portfolio and maybe earn extra on the side, they’re pretty much small budget films that directors get to really play with. A lot of the hits we know like Get Out, The Witch, and Hereditary allowed the filmmakers to make an artistic statement. This can also explain why we’re currently getting a barrage of artful horror and thriller films.

What does this mean for you, as a viewer? It’s quite simple, really. With such films available in the mainstream, you can also cultivate your own personal taste. You can now take a pick out of the many great options you have and find your favorite style. You’re not restricted to the same brand of spook show so you can better tailor-fit your means of entertainment.


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