5 Best Spots to See the Different Shades of Fall Colors in China

5 Best Spots to See the Different Shades of Fall Colors in China

Summers in China are the hottest time to explore the beautiful country and as such tourists wait for fall when the temperature gets milder and pleasant. The air is clear and the weather is sunny with vibrant fall colors all around. You will come across a bed of mountains covered in a yellow blanket in Anhui Province and the iconic Great Wall also showcases impressive fall colors. In case you are making plans to visit the country during autumn, here are the best places to see fall colors in China. Also, check out for reasonable flight tickets to the Red Dragon.

The amazing landscape of the country turns into a stunning picture during fall. You will find trees worth a sight anywhere you go. However, we have picked our favorite ones for you. Check them out now!

The Great Wall of China – Beijing

Nothing compares to the views from the magnificent Great Wall of China and it is the same when you visit it in the autumn months. The undulating hills packed with trees on both sides of the wall seem blanketed with different colors like yellow, red and green.

The World Heritage Site by UNESCO holds the reputation of being one of the most important attractions in China and extends to an area of 5000 miles across its northern region. If you are spending autumn in Beijing, the Great Wall of China must not be missed to see the impressive fall colors. Keep it higher on your priority list when visiting the country. Even your camera might show you some gratitude for bringing it to such efficient use!

Best time to visit: mid-October-early November

Red Beach – Panjin

You must be thinking what it is about all the fall colors seen in the forests of China. Well, the most surreal view of the fall spectacle is in fact without trees. Yes! We are talking about the Red Beach in Panjin. As you move towards north of Beijing, head to the Yellow Sea coasts where lies the largest reed marsh of the world, Red Beach. It puts on a breathtaking view during the fall months as the reeds turn into a red bed.

The reeds start growing during early days of spring and turn the most splendid and colorful as they reach complete maturity in autumn. The colorful sea of reeds sprawling over a large area makes it one of the most amazing places to see fall foliage in the Middle Kingdom.

Best time to visit: mid-October-early November

The Yellow Mountains or Huangshan Mountains

Another great attraction known for its unparalleled views and thrilling hikes is the Yellow Mountains in the Anhui Province of Central China. The beautiful Huangshan Mountains have been an inspiration for the Chinese artists since centuries. It is a popular tourist attraction that comes to its best during autumn months in China.

Be it any time of the year, the wide variety of trees covering the face of the mountain is worth a sight. However, the trees put on a splendid show during the fall months. The foliage dazzles in different hues of orange, yellow and fiery red. It is all because of the healthy maples. It is during fall that the Yellow Mountains exhibit the most beautiful scenic landscape.

Best time to visit: September-early October

Longji Rice Terraces – Guilin

One of the most important places to visit in China during autumn months is Guilin’s Longji Rice Terraces. Its hilly landscape and beautiful terraced hills are a sight to admire. Spring is also a good time to visit this place but the bright-yellow rice paddies during fall is just an exceptional view. The otherwise green countryside boasts of vibrant color stripes during the fall. So, you will find a lot of locals suggesting a day trip to these rice paddies.

Best time to visit: late September-early October

Jiuzhaigou National Park

If you want to explore the best places to see autumn leaves in China, visit the Jiuzhaigou National Park in the Sichuan Province. The national park is known for the colorful mineral pools filled with crystal-clear turquoise water throughout the year. It serves as one of the best places to see autumn leaves in the country. The mesmerizing sight of the hill sides covered with vibrant colors of trees is worth the travel. The contrasting colors of the hill must not be missed, especially if you are a nature admirer and peace seeker.

Best time to visit: Mid-October-late-October


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