5 Awesome Types of Animated 3D Videos for Modern Businesses

animated videos for business

Among strong digital marketing strategies, 3D animated videos hold its top position for a long time now. Marketing team invest their huge amount of time looking for creative ideas to represent the business in an eye-catching way. Audience love to watch the fresh and captivating video overall digital channels which not only draw their attention towards your brand but also connect them. Video content is playing a key role in the advertisement and marketing of brands. It is making the audience aware of a particular brand, its products or services or how it works.

Animated videos are a cost-effective way to explain the audience about your brand in a visually appealing way. Let’s have a look at the sure shot ways by which you can use the true potential of animated videos for your business ultimate growth.

  1. Product Review Videos

Product videos are the perfect way to present your new products to the world. For product videos, Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is used which create a real-life prototype of your product. It gives your product a new representation by putting it in different environments. Hiring a 3D animation business is often preferred by a variety of businesses as gives the product video more flexibility. There are several restrictions that might hold you back including live-action videos limitations, thus working with animated 3D video creators will relief you from such worry. You can showcase your products just the way you like by keeping in mind the target audience. By using stunning backgrounds, you can give an epic and exciting feel to your 3D animated product videos.

  1. Brand Films

Brand films are an incredible way to aware the audience about your company. You can show every aspect of your brand including its business, values, products, services etc. Focus on brand-related anything you like and use it as a marketing tool to advertise your company. Video marketing is very good for any business. Brand films have flexible run time ranging from five minutes for covering just the basics to half an hour more detailed video. These bran films focus majorly on entertainment but can be either documentary or fiction. You can bring your brand to life in a wonderfully presented visual way. You can showcase your products in a real-world environment or visualize your virtual office view. Animated 3D brand films express the true standards of your brand that grabs everyone’s attention.

  1. Explainer Videos

Explainers are the ultimate way to demonstrate the working of your products or services. These are the excellent choice to explain products, complex processes or any other brand-related aspect that can be better learnt visually. The complex ideas about your brand can be simplified by utilizing animations in explainer videos. It is the most effective way that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your business ideas in an understandable and impressive way. Animated explainer videos help the audience to completely understand about your products or services so that they can use them easily. Explainer videos can be used anywhere such as brand’s website, email campaign, social media etc. These videos should communicate directly with your audience in a quicker way, not longer than a minute.

  1. Adverts Videos

On digital platforms, you will find adverts everywhere making it difficult for your brand to stand out. In this competitive market, a clear creative direction will lead your brand towards success. With the help of 3D animation, you can develop a new vision about your brand and its products that leave a positive and long-lasting impact on the audience. You need to focus on the areas that can make your brand differ from others by coming up with more innovative visuals. In adverts, creativity is the key to win the heart of the target audience which also makes your animated video memorable. Remember to remain unique by displaying the perfect combination of 3D animation that suits your brand perfectly.

  1. Social Media Videos

Due to the constant evolution of social media, it has become the most popular place to advertise your business. With its growing number of customers, powerful advertising strategies are being used by a variety of businesses. Create social media adverts that connect with your audience emotionally on a different level. It is the way to gain the attention of people who want to buy jackets online which eventually drives interest in them towards your brand and its products. Nowadays customer prefers short snappy content that gets to the point in a short span of time. As social media focuses more on live-action content, you can easily grab the audience’s attention using 3D animations. Social media adverts are effective and make you stand out among other regular social media posts.


In the end it could be stated now that animated videos help your brand to convey a particular message or explain complex concepts in an understandable and interesting way. Animated videos are versatile enough and can be included in different ways in your marketing strategy.

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