10 Essential Features to make your On-Demand App Successful

10 Essential Features to make your On-Demand App Successful

The main approach of a business is to fulfill the demand of their customers by offering them the correct product or service at their convenient place & time. This is the primary requirement achieved via on-demand apps, a business strategy that helps to bridge the gap between supply & demand of product or service and is gaining a lot of momentum in the last few years.

As per the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, around 22.4 million users are accessing these services and spending about $57.6 billion annually.  

If you have a new idea or you have an existing business and you are confused about whether my business falls under the on-demand category or not, then this blog is for you. 

Here, we will provide you some essential benefits of the on-demand apps and features you should include in your on-demand application. But before that, you should be clear about On-demand services.

What are On-Demand Services?

Any service which can fulfill the needs of the customer at their desired place & time falls under the on-demand category and is known as on-demand service. As of now, there are a vast number of apps available in the market which provide on-demand solutions. You can download specific apps and access services. This has opened a wide number of opportunities for mobile app development companies.

Advantages of On-Demand Apps

On-Demand app is a tailor-made application best for both Android & iOS platforms. It allows businesses to provide better service to their customers & enhance ROI. Here are some advantages of on-demand app development.

Popularity of Mobile Applications

About 80-90% of the population across the globe is using smartphones and the majority of users are accessing Android/iOS platforms. This ensures that on-demand app solutions can reach a wider audience.

Digitalized Era

Every day, different businesses are taking their services online; hence, on-demand apps are a practical approach to promote your product & services. To shift your business online, you can gather data from potential users and integrate them into your on-demand solution.

Secure Payments

Online payment gateways are boon for on-demand apps & websites. While building an on-demand application, you can partner with companies that offer these services & keep user data secure.

Key Features to include in your On-Demand Application

  1. Security & Authentication

The majority of customers check the security of the app before they get over to the payment screen. Here, you should include different verification steps to ensure that customers trust the app or website.

For authentication, users can either register using details like email id, name, location, number & password. Apart from this, one can include login via social media or social media applications, for quicker & secure authentication. Moreover, please note that customers trust a payment gateway, which asks for personal info plus payment details.

  1. Important Notifications

While running any offers or introducing new services in your on-demand app, notifications are the most compelling way to inform your customers that you care for them. 

  1. Live GPS Tracking

In this tech era, the majority of people want calmness, and therefore integrating a modern GPS tracking system can be beneficial for your users. With the Live GPS Tracking, customers will be able to check the exact location of the courier & delivery person and also get details about the expected time of arrival.

  1. Visually Appealing

Visually attractive means apps should have a perfect mixture of colors. Here text should be visible properly, and the background color must be different from the text. In short, the text should be enjoyable to read.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

With digitation, online payment is getting a lot of traction, but you must not restrict customers to one payment method. Different people want different choices for payment; hence, you should serve the needs of all kinds of customers. For this, you can include varied payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, virtual payments, cash on delivery, etc. 

  1. Attractive & Easy-to-use Interface

An adequately structured app is informative and it enables users to place orders manually by entering basic details such as an address, preferred delivery time, phone number & email. Customers have the freedom to add/delete products in their cart anytime. When an order is placed, customers can check the details in the order summary section.

Customers should have the complete right to cancel products as per their needs. The entire process should be meticulous that customers can instantly find their choice of service/ product. Also, it offers different filtering and sorting options to find the desired product easily.

  1. Review & Ratings

Integrating a proper feedback system into the app can help to improve the trust of the customers, which is usually gained via resolving customer issues. Anytime a customer rates a product/ service, it allows them to provide their viewpoint about any product/ service with other potential users and help them to purchase the product.

  1. Effective Customer Support

Customers should be able to reach you instantly while they face any issues. Here, you should provide support via different channels such as email, phone number, faq section, chatting. Here, the customer representative should reach out to solve the issue of the customer as soon as possible. 

Better customer support is the most essential weapon of any company that has happy customers as they will share info about your app with other users. 

  1. Recent Search Activity & Past Order History

All the users of the app should be able to access the app without any kind of hindrance. Integrating a recent search feature can help users to identify products or services they were checking recently. Also, a feature that allows them to check past orders can help them to reorder any product or get essential order details.

  1. Create Wishlist

Many times, customers will not be able to purchase the particular product instantly due to several reasons like the product is out of stock, customer doesn’t have enough resources, or they want to purchase the product sometime later. Hence, including a wishlist feature will allow customers to add the product in the wishlist, and then in the future, they can move it to cart and order instantly.

Wrapping it Up

Lastly, this was the list of the most essential features that you should include in your on-demand application. 

If you are not familiar with how to integrate these features or want to develop a fully-functional on-demand app, you can reach out to a professional on-demand app development company; they will provide you with the best on-demand solution as per your business specifications & goals.

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